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Fedor Emelianenko May Have Ended Satoshi Ishii’s Career + Fedor vs. Korean Zombie (Update)

Satoshi Ishii has made a lot of bad career decisions, but taking a fight with Fedor Emelianenko may prove to be the worst one of all.

According to Japanese publication Cyzo, the knockout that left Ishii flat on his back for several minutes at DREAM New Year 2011 may have ended his career. Fight Opinion has a summary of the details:

When Fedor Emelianenko rocked Satoshi Ishii and sent him to the hospital, the initial worry was about a broken nose. In the post-fight chatter, the blood was discussed as a factor in changing Ishii’s psychology during the fight. For some fighters, seeing their own blood can spook them. What Satoshi Ishii didn’t know when he got rattled by Fedor is that it may have very well been his last fight ever.

Putting the cherry on top of the proverbial sundae, Japanese weekly publication Cyzo (which has been on a very good run this month for fight business stories) reports that doctors have told Ishii that he suffered a cerebral edema from the NYE beating. As a result, he was warned that any further blows to the head would cause some serious damage. As Cyzo put it, Ishii is facing a retirement crisis. There had been some discussion that he would face Ricardo Arona in late March in Brazil but that fight didn’t look to be in the cards. After this latest development, the MMA prospects for Ishii look to be bleak as well.

The knockout really didn’t look that bad. Ishii had his hands up when Fedor hit him, suggesting that at least some of the force was deflected, but apparently Fedor still hit him just right to cause the swelling. It’s too bad because Ishii had a lot of natural talent and could have had a promising career if it had been managed correctly from the start.

On another note, check out this friendly exhibition match Fedor Emelianenko did on Korean TV recently with The Korean Zombie.

Image via Taro Irei for Sherdog

Update: Well this is good news. Satoshi Ishii’s friend and training partner Ryo Chonan says the report is BS.

Ishii’s friend and training partner Ryo Chonan says (via The Garv) “Satoshi Ishii is just fine” and that “the people who spread these false rumors about other people’s lives and livelihoods should just die.”

  • warriordave927

    F***in bully,he should try picking on someone his own size,lol just kidding hed get his ass kicked

  • Matt Silliman

    I really wish that Fedor would drop to 205 and fight in the UFC.  I know that is unlikely and most people have wrote him off, but if you ever really watch his fights when are they ever boring.  Dana always says he wants guys who get in there and put on a show, I can honestly say I’m on the edge of my seat almost every time Fedor fights. 

    Look how he lost to Werdum, how many fighters would jump in to Werdum’s guard? Especially since Fedor knew he could beat him on the feet.  Most people do exactly what Overeem and Arlovski did, keep away and get an easy win.  Fedor went in for the finish, same thing when he fought Hendo, he was going in to finish off Hendo (who rarely gets rocked) and he got caught.

    Honestly, if I had to pick 5 fighters I enjoy watching more than others (win or lose )

    1. Nick Diaz
    2. Fedor
    3. Condit
    4. Wanderli
    5. Leban

    I also enjoy, Nate diaz, Jon Jones, A. Silva, Sonnen, Kampmann, Cerrone, Faber 

    • Mr Kitty

      You make an excellent point about Fedor. With the exception of his fight with Monson, Fedor is always putting on exciting performances. I too am always on the edge of my seat when Fedor fights. And Matt, I’m so happy you didn’t spell lose “loose.” My communications professor spelled it “loose” the other day and I almost lost faith in the human race.

    • Steve Barry

      My top 5 today would be:

      1. Nick Diaz
      2. Alistair Overeem
      3. Shogun
      4. Wand
      5. Hendo

      Fedor, Eddie Alvarez, Cro Cop used to be at the top of that list, but CC fell off so far and I just have a hard time getting excited about Fedor and Alvarez stuck on the outside facing subpar and unknown competition (even though Eddie lost). If those guys ever come to the UFC they would be back up there.

      It’s definitely something special when Fedor is in a meaningful fight though. Before he went downhill, I honestly felt he was the most exciting fighter to watch in MMA. Just loved his style and willingness to take risks to finish fights.

      Of course, I also enjoy watching Anderson, Jones, Vitor, Condit, Faber, Cung Le, Pat Barry, Nate Diaz, Anthony Pettis, Jose Aldo, Gilbert Melendez and a few others I’m sure I’m forgetting. Really like watching BJ Penn too when he’s motivated and comes to fight. Oh and Chris Lytle before he retired.

      • i like sexy time

        Nice lists mine would be 

        1. Junior Dos Santos
        2. Fedor
        3. Dan Henderson
        4. Jose Aldo
        5. Vitor Belfort

        • Mr Kitty

          My Top 5 today

          2.Diego Sanchez
          3.Anderson Silva
          4.Frank Mir
          5.Vitor Belfort

      • Matt Silliman

        I agree that Fedor and Alvarez need to fight tougher opponents, but it’s been less than a year since Fedor fought Hendo and that was a great fight.  And Hendo is a name I forgot to list.

    • warriordave927

      I think Dana would let fedor’s fight in the ufc if he dropped to 205 and won a few but the biggest thing fedor’s needs to do before that can happen is ditch m1 global

  • C dizzle

    Ah dude, I want to play!

    -Anderson Silva
    -Vitor Belfort
    -Chris Leben
    -Nick & Nate Diaz
    -Frankie Edgar

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