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Observations from My Couch: UFC 143 ‘Diaz vs. Condit’

A few observations from UFC 143: “Diaz vs. Condit”:

-Sure, Stephen Thompson may be an unorthodox striker in MMA and good at karate, but we’ve seen how this movie ends. He goes on to win the belt, then gets destroyed by some prodigy and standing-guillotined until he’s a quivering mass of unconscious humanity on the floor.

-Matt Riddle is the most… he’s the most… sorry, I just can’t make myself care about Riddle.

-It took Chuck Liddell about ten years of MMA competition to become a case study in the effects of repetitive head trauma. Chris Cope is on track to cut that time in half.

-Really, I’d say the biggest loser in the Alex Caceres/Edwin Figueroa bout was Figueroa’s nutsack.

-Dustin Poirier will be a contender in the featherweight division. Unfortunately, toying with tomato cans will get him nowhere.

-Ed Herman is like a less-skilled, less-talented, uninspiring and only moderately-effective version of Randy Couture, who will never ever come within shouting distance of the title. I’d say that qualifies him to fight for the Strikeforce belt.

-He may or may not have a chance against Dominick Cruz, but Renan Barao is the most ready to challenge the champ. Make that fight, Joe Silva!

-Seriously, Josh Koscheck needs to be filmed rescuing a busload of orphans from bandits or something. The hate the audience levels upon him is kind of unwarranted.

-Roy Nelson: so tough, yet so incapable of hanging with the elite heavyweights.

-Ugh. It pains me to say this, but Carlos Condit definitely out-struck Nick Diaz and earned that decision. Yes, he ran just about the entire time. However, it was a tactical “run” as opposed to a scared “run”, and he landed a wide array of kicks, knees, punches, backfists and elbows. The sad thing is, Diaz is the better fighter. No one will ever kick Diaz’s ass. That’s not the case with Condit, though, who will likely get laid upon by Georges St. Pierre and ground-and-pounded.

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