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Camp Condit Wants Georges St. Pierre, Not A Rematch With Nick Diaz

Carlos Condit’s decision victory over Nick Diaz at UFC 143 has been so controversial, it wouldn’t be that far-fetched of an idea to do an immediate rematch while Georges St. Pierre continues to rehab his knee. Dana White was open to the idea after the fight. Cesar Gracie said they would “probably” be interested in doing that today. But, Carlos Condit and his management, not so much.

Condit told Ariel Helwani right after the fight that he would rather just wait for GSP and his manager, Malki Kawa, more or less echoed that sentiment today on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, basically stating that they’re moving past Nick Diaz.

“At this point, [a rematch] is not something we’re looking to do,” he said. “We’re looking for Georges. People forget, Carlos waited a long time to get this fight. He was moved around, and shuffled around between fights. He won the fight. It doesn’t interest us at all. I think clearly and decisively, he won the fight. Even [UFC president] Dana [White] scored it for him. All of the opinions that matter scored Carlos as winner.”

“It was a performance that was excellent,” Kawa said. “He picked apart a very formidable fighter. Two judges saw it four rounds to one, and one saw it three to two. The fact that he didn’t stand and bang with him? I’m sorry, not every fighter has to do that. He did what he had to do, and that goes to show me that this guy is mature, he’s fighting fights that are smart. People are like, ‘Oh, Carlos is not a finisher.’ The guy threw how many spinning elbows? How many spinning back fists? He threw a flying knee. He tried to finish Nick Diaz when the time and the opening was there. I can’t find a flaw in his performance.”

“Carlos is a fighter,” Kawa said. “At the end of the day, this is not a guy who wants to sit around and wait. He wants to fight. You never know. Right now, the idea is that we want Georges St-Pierre. The goal is to fight Georges St-Pierre. He wants to be the best in the world, so that’s the fight that interests us at this moment.”

You can’t really blame them. Condit doesn’t have much to gain and lot to lose by getting back in the cage with Nick Diaz before taking his shot at Georges St. Pierre.

To be honest, other than really wanting to see GSP vs. Diaz and a rematch being the only possible avenue to that at this point, I really don’t want to sit and watch Condit “stick-and-move” (Greg Jackson’s words) for another 25 minutes while Nick chases him around the cage. And I sure as heck don’t want to pay for it. Condit played it smart and got the win. Good for him, but I’d rather spend my $50 on guys who are gonna get after it no matter what’s on the line.

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  • warriordave927

    So are you gonna be like one of these people that says they’re not gonna watch gsp vs Condit because its gonna be a boring fight

    • Steve Barry

      Well I damn sure don’t like paying $50 to watch GSP decision everybody whether its via dominant wrestling and positional control or point striking. If GSP’s knee is healthy I think he’ll ‘BJ Penn’ Condit. If not, and he doesn’t have the explosiveness he had before then I could see Condit making it a good fight.

      No reason to think Condit-Diaz II would go any different though unless Nick changed up his gameplan and tried to take him down more or something. Standing up though, that’s how Nick fights, he walks his opponents down, traps them and unloads combo after combo. That isn’t going to change, and Condit isn’t going to let him do that just like the other night. Maybe the decision would swing in Nick’s favor next time, but it wouldn’t be any more exciting.

      • warriordave927

        I understand now,I thought you were saying both gsp and Condit would equal a definite boring fight but really its gsp’s dominance and I guess a lack of faith in condits ability to overcome georges’s attack or lack there of,I assumed you were going with the crowd that is calling Carlos boring because of his performance on Saturday

      • warriordave927

        I understand now,I thought you were saying both gsp and Condit would equal a definite boring fight but really its gsp’s dominance and I guess a lack of faith in condits ability to overcome georges’s attack or lack there of,I assumed you were going with the crowd that is calling Carlos boring because of his performance on Saturday

        • Steve Barry

          Condit isn’t boring but his gameplan against nick Diaz kinda was.

      • mitchtiz

        i agree with the $50 bucks for PPV of the same fight tween DIAZ/ CONDIT but can you really say it will be the same ??  No thats why we love this sport. Nick did find some answers for Carlos at the middle point and end of the fight-  He shot for a single leg- he attempted clinches – he did cut him off and land a few shots – At the end of the 5th round he finally succeeded in taking Condit down and took his back QUICK.  He had him defending a RNC and armlock- possible Armbar.  If he could of focused on those aspects earlier and had his corner tell him the truth about what was being scored-  Yes I would pay 100 bucks for that rematch and more importantly the fans and UFC would want to have that fight rather than Koscheck versus any of the two headliners from 143.  Carlos will hear from the fans about his bogus GREG JACKSON strategy & even if the educated ones say he was smart for employing that – the others will let him know they are dissapointed in his performance & his lies of making it a dogfight!  I thought if anybody could out crazy Nick it would be Carlos but instead he out judged him. Which doesnt really make me think of him as a champion.  I like both guys and GSP vs Condit will not be worth much more in your PPV cost excuse.  Diaz might approach training differently and fighting  Carlos differently aswell, heck who knows maybe DW will demand Carlos to fight again cuz lets face it GSP will be rehabbing his injury for a long time and will need time to recover and train = Condit taking ano’ fight and proving he is worthy of fighting GSP for the real belt.  If he doesnt wanna fight Nick again fine dont blame him but atleast give Ellenberger a rematch cuz he is just as deserving as either Carlos or Nick for that ” meanwhile ” belt and the real thing too.  Ellenberger destroyed his competition and showed improvements while also practically defeating Carlos in his first fight.  That is the rematch that makes more sense for Condit but Diego Sanchez might spoil the party there.  Which would then make me think Dana, Joe Silva & Lorenzo would need to convince Carlos to rematch Nick.  Lets face it BJ Penn vs Edgar was very similiar to Diaz vs Condit and the same instance of rematching would be a good fit and answer to the dilemma of GSP’s absence this year.  I think Condit will wait and hope Jake Ellenberger wins so he can face im although that might be a tougher matchup stylistically ?  But ZUFFA must want to get Nick back and offering him another typical Wrestler who will dry hump to a decision loss ( Koscheck)  will not suffice.  If they can get Carlos to man up and help em get Nick back to where they want him- In the UFC hype machine to make that money and attention where it was leading up to ufc 143.  Make it happen if you feel the same Get on Twitter and tell DANA to try his best to get DIAZ back and one fight away from GSP the real fight we have demanded for a long time since he has GSP actually wanting to fight someone now.  Lets go people demand the fight you want.  or wait till Ellenberger reminds you how damn dangerous that kid is and lets see him fight next.

        • Mr Kitty

           I’m not reading that.

          • Ed Lib

            hahahahah… me neither!

          • Ed Lib

            hahahahah… me neither!

        • warriordave927

          Wow man I don’t even know where to begin,I guess first of all your saying that even though Carlos won the interim title Saturday he’s still not worthy of fighting gsp,you want him to fight either of the two guys he won the only 2 decisions in his career to,plus you want him to accomodate diaz and say you know what even though I beat you let’s fight again and ask him to reconsider leaving the sport,diaz is a grown ass man If he wants to leave let him,I aldo hate how everyone is calling Carlos out on his strategy he used a strategy that won him the fight which is quite possibly the biggest fight in his career next to fighting gsp,if strategy is so important to you guys think about this for a second nick could have changed his own gameplan during the fight too,he could’ve easily started going for takedowns and tried to submit Carlos rather than try and just knock him out,and as far as Carlos saying it was gonna be a dog fight it really was,sure it wasn’t rock-em sock-em robots but the plain and simple fact that Condit outstruck diaz and landed a record amount of kicks is enough to say he backed up his words

  • C dizzle

    I would watch that rematch… If it was on FX or Fuel. I doubt Condit would accept that fight, I mean, there’s no reason why he shouldn’t though. It was a close fight that ended without a finish, he said he would rather stay busy than sit around and wait. Why not fight him again? That way he can be done with Nick Diaz win or lose.

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