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Anderson Silva Is Working On His Wrestling, Just Not How You Think (Update)

It’s often suggested that fighters venture outside their home camps every now and then to learn new techniques and get new looks. Well, I don’t think anyone has quite taken that to heart like Anderson Silva. I’m not sure if this trip was specifically made in preparation for Chael Sonnen, but here’s video of Silva working on his wrestling in a way you would never expect… huka huka dirt wrestling with the Indians of the upper Xingu. I’m not even sure what huka huka dirt wrestling is, but I’m going to assume it’s pretty badass.

Oh and by the way, Silva has a very simple message for Chael Sonnen: “Chael talks too much. Chael needs to train. No more talk, train. Going to Brazil? Big problem.” Also badass.

HT: MiddleEasy

Update: Chael Sonnen’s response:

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  • Lanfear

    Is it just me or does Anderson look a little chubby? 

    • C dizzle

      That’s kind of what I was thinking. Idk if he’s been training since his injury but if he hasn’t it’s definitely showing.

  • joseph rowgun

    The greatest of all time. Period. Always learning and seeking out new techniques in combat. True to the martial arts. A real live Bruce Lee.

    • The Jester

      Fighting in the dirt with a bunch of savages doesn’t exactly constitute as “Always learning and seeking out new techniques in combat.”

      This is an absolute joke. And Anderson says Chael is the one who needs to train? Hahaha

  • Alberto Arcangelofjesus

    Lanfear: Anderson walks around @ 230 pounds & up & gradually cuts down to 205/185 for a fight.  He has one of the best dietitians in the game. 

  • sandman

    That’s Silva’s answer to  Sonnen??? Good luck with that….

  • mark

    silvas answer to sonnen. are you a retard. he sub him last time shit fuck

  • Matt Pellerin

    Silvas answer last time was a triangle and this time it will be a KO! Big mouth wrestler needs to get his mouth shut!

  • Cocunuts

    anderson like many other fighters cut weight to fight in there division. anderson everyday 230 anderson for fight 185.

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