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Carlos Condit Wanted Nick Diaz Rematch; Diaz Surprised He Didn’t Beat Marijuana Test

Throughout all the drama surrounding Nick Diaz’ failed drug test, Carlos Condit has remained somewhat silent, but now his thoughts are coming to the surface. Condit opened up to Sports Illustrated about Diaz testing positive for marijuana following their controversial fight.

I don’t care. The thing about it is, it’s something they test for. It’s against the Nevada [State] Athletic Commission [rules]. I don’t really consider it to be a performance-enhancing drug, but the fact is, they’re testing for it. And you know they’re testing for it. Whatever you do in between camps, if you know they’re testing for this stuff then you’ve got to figure something out. In the past, he’s said, ‘Oh, I can smoke and I can pass these tests no problem.’ That attitude kind of came back and bit him in the ass.

Condit may not care about Diaz having marijuana in his system, but he does care about how it affects his own immediate future. Condit explained that he actually wanted the rematch after realizing how big the fight would be.

“So I called [Dana White],” Condit said. “…We talked about [the fight] a little bit. He said he thought that I won, but at the same time a lot of people were calling for the rematch and it would be a huge fight. The day before I had told my manager that I’d be into a rematch, and I told Dana White the same thing. I said I’m down. Let’s just figure out the details and we’ll do it.”

“I don’t think I need the rematch. I won the fight; I think I’d win a rematch. But the thing about it is, I want to be in big fights, fights where there’s a lot of buzz, a lot of people wanting to see the fight, and a rematch with Nick Diaz fits the bill.”

It’s all a moot point now for Carlos Condit. He has the interim belt and will move on with his career. That’s not the case for Nick Diaz though. He’ll spend the foreseeable future dealing with this issue with the NSAC and his manager Cesar Gracie may not be helping his cause. Gracie admitted on The MMA Hour yesterday that he was fully aware the Nick had smoked marijuana, but he and Nick both thought he [Nick] had taken the right steps to basically fool the drug test. He claims Diaz has a “ritual” he goes through to detoxify his body prior to taking the test. From what Gracie says, it doesn’t sound like Nick did anything different than my old dorm buddies that had to fool the drug test to get hired at Subway. The ritual seems simple: drink a lot of water and sweat.

He was surprised he tested positive. He does the same ritual every fight for the last five years. He stops it in time and he cleanses his system, works out like crazy, drinks a lot of water and purges his system of it.

This seems like an instance it would have been better to just say nothing. What has Gracie said that was even worth saying? He says he knew (I admit we all knew.) one of his fighters was getting high. Knowing Dana’s history with black listing pretty much anything that pisses him off, I’m not sure why Gracie would even come out and say this. I get that Diaz has the medical card; we all do. It just seems foolish to me to admit you know your fighters are, for lack of a better way of saying it, breaking the rules. I really doubt that Dana will ban Diaz, as he does have a lot of star power behind him. Plus, Dana hasn’t even hinted at it, but that’s never a side of the fence anybody involved with The UFC should ever even consider visiting. Diaz’ full disciplinary action is expected to be handed down soon, and the early signs tend to suggest Diaz will fight the result or at least shoot for a shortened suspension, as he has hired attorney Ross Goodman.

Image via Esther Lin for Strikeforce/Showtime

  • warriordave927

    I really doubt Dana will make a big fuss about it after all it is just marijuana right,well I still think its unfair,he broke the rules weather its thc or pain pills its still tested for because they are banned from the sport,Dana is pretty much being a hipocrate because he black listed marquardt because he was a multiple offender,I understand marquardt kinda f’ed up a main event fight with his last screw up but the fact that his manager is saying he basically has a possibility of testing positive everytime because he smokes habitually and cleanses before every fight makes it seem just as bad,my point is that nick is a big money draw so nothing will happen to him but those lower to mid tier guys are f***ed if they test positive multiple times

  • Matt Silliman

    I think the real concern is that he could potentially test positive after any given fight. This would be a bigger deal if Diaz won. Interm belt on hold and the actual belt on hold. Nick just needs to stop smoking 2 weeks before the fight. Back up his ” process” about a week just to be safe

  • Guest

    remember when he was late for the post fight press conference for his fight vs BJ and Dana said he was still backstage drinking lots of water like something ridiculous 5-6 bottles or more and he couldnt pee for the commission people.  He was probably doing the same there too , drinking lots of water to dillute your pee and flood the toxins to get mostly water but the problem I find and others with THC is it stays in your body and system for long periods of time- attached to fat cells. So a skinny framed person like me & Nick can sweat out toxins while cleansing yourself with loads of water intake to pee out as much as you can.  He has to realize now with the ufc becoming a much bigger deal on a much bigger stage with the fox deal and with all the TRT treatment issues arising from Chael Sonnen, Hendo, and ecspecially the Nate Marquardt instance – The athletic commissions will be ” going hard ” deez days.  He should of known better than to be toking up while he could of spent that time training takedowns, cutting off the cage, or CLINCH WORK !  instead of worrying bout getting out THC in his body and beating piss tests.  I must say though I respect him as an athlete and would give the benefit of the doubt with his California legal right to possess and use Maryjane so he really might benefit from it and we have seen him open up on primetime and with ariel in interviews.  He does benefit mentally from it and phyisically ?  he already is in great shape how much difference does smoking or ingesting thc help ? not even nearly close to trt , or steroids but yes Ive found it helpful with artistic hobbies, music, lyrics, writing & plain ol’ creativity and creative thinking.  It activitates something sober doesnt for people and yes you do need to build up yur tolerence be4 your able to function without being paranoid, groggy, or too damn high.  I play basketball and have for the majority of my life when I hit 16-17 i started smoking good good buds and found sometimes i was too high to play or be motivated to compete hard but when you limit your use there is an improvement in motion, how you move and instinctual you’ll do stuff you dont plan out and its surprising when you pull something off you’d otherwise not think of doing. I do see it as helpful when grappling and even striking could be improved as long as you can keep your timing, movement and quick witt to not be stagnant or slowly reacting.  For people to say theres only one way it will or can affect you is wrong cuz we all are engineered different & have different tolerences to drugs or substances so the affects will differ with each individual. Moreso if they smoke on the regular and have a pretty strong tolerence built up so they are used to functioning daily under the influence.  He is used to running, biking, and maybe even swimming while he partakes.  I dont know but would imagine him using when he does train & even participate in triathalons or events.  In the end are the benefits really worth the opportunities he has erased for himself- NO.  Is it worth taking time out of your training/preparation for upcoming fights/ title fights ?- No.  And would he perform just as good Sober – Probably Yes.   My main point is he gains the most from it socially and under pressure of being surrounded by people chanting, yelling, hollering while he is on camera in the octagon performing in front of millions and has to answer questions from media- he does gain enhancement from it psychologically but realistically its cause he is not average there.  He actually becomes sort of normal from it in that aspect it helps him become normal like those who dont smoke but have the social skills to be comfortable infront of strangers and put on the spot.

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