The Ultimate Fighter 15 on FX Promo

Promo for the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter which premieres on March 9 on FX.

  • MitchTiz

    How many more times are they gonna do damn 155ers ??  really thats the most stacked class in the whole UFC !!  they need to get some young or veteran talent in the 185,205, Heavy, 135,125 & 145 classes.  The last few ones have been 170 & 155 and it seems like its been that pattern for awhile now. 
    I dont know what weight class this new season will be for but with Urijah N Dominick it would make sense for them to coach lighter weight fighters seeing as they are smaller guys.  I really think 185 could use some help despite Chael’s bulls$% saying that he fights in the most stacked weight class when really almost anyone is 2-3 solid wins away from Anderson just cause he has fought almost every talented fighter there and the ones who havent good that shot have lost one fight away or two from that chance.

     155 & 170 are stacked and have contenders just waiting for there chance and for the champ vs contender to hurry up and fight so they can get there turn.  But in 135 & 145 they are new so fans dont know much about the guys there plus look at Urijah getting his second title shot after just one win maybe two ? Seems like they really like him and want him to be the champ stead of Cruz and i dont blame them cuz Faber is much more popular and his fights are more exciting leading to more fanfare for that weight class.  That and he is getting older after dominating the 145 class for so long in WEC he does deserve his chance to reclaim what he built and where he once stood before Cruz dance da belt awayfrom him. 
    Would they not want to have coaches be involved with the same weight class incase of the circumstance if they had to fight them in the future and maybe they would gain knowledge of the fighters strengths & weaknesses ?  Jens Pulver vs Bj Penn was one where they coached 155ers who later would end up fighting there coaches if BJ would have held onto the belt and faced Gray or Nate Diaz.  Also most of the time the fighters end up fighting above there best weight class or more natural weight just cause of the enormous opportunity of the UFC contract look at the TUF when Rampage & Forresst coached most guys dropped from MW to WW and others didnt last n got cut.  They need to focus on getting the most talented guys they can and stop worrying bout ratings or good tv !!  get some fighters who will win and stick around at the very least but mostly get some guys who can contend in the near future.  They need to make the most of the fighter selections and if they can show that they will take the most talented guys out there than more talent will come to the workouts and on to the show.  Instead they ended up signing guys and not picking them for the show but the ones who got on the show didnt have the skills to make it in the UFC ?  It still worked out for some but the guys who just got signed immediately didnt recieve as much attention and thus had to earn it and still to today are trying to prove to fans that they are deserving of big paydays and spotlight on main cards/ main events.  I’d love to see the full list of guys who tried out for the TUF show but didnt make it cuz of some personality criticism or whatever the reason was from the Spike Tv reps, yet they proved themselves in the UFC much better than the ones who made it on da show and won the season !  Frankie Edgar – LW CHAMP, Clay Guida ??  much more cant name em all but would love some help if anyone knows

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