Antonio Silva Says Junior dos Santos’ Punches Will Turn Alistair Overeem From Lion To Kitty

“A fight is a fight and anything can happen. They’re two very strong fighters, they’re at the top of their division but I don’t see how Overeem can beat Junior dos Santos. Overeem is (beating a lot of people), he’s a lion, but when (he gets hit) he becomes a kitty. When Junior first connects, Overeem’s spirit of a fighter will go to the dress room. I think it will be Junior with another knockout in his career.”

— Antonio Silva, via Portal do Vale Tudo & BE, weighing in on Junior dos Santos vs. Alistair Overeem

It’s pretty clear what Junior dos Santos’ gameplan is going to be when he steps in the cage with K-1 champ Alistair Overeem. He plans to knock him out and neither he nor his teammates are being shy about it.

Overeem, on the other hand, is being more cryptic.

“The gameplan is already good to go. I already know how to beat him,” Overeem said. “It’s just a matter of training and getting my body and mind in the 100 percent condition it needs to be in.”

I’m not sure exactly what Overeem’s gameplan is going to be but I bet it involves a lot of leg kicks. That’s the best way to disrupt JDS’ power, speed and timing. Overeem is a great striker but he doesn’t want to get mixed up in a boxing match with dos Santos. He just doesn’t have the hand speed that JDS does.

I am very curious to see what else Overeem has in store for him though. He had a brilliant gameplan for Brock Lesnar that no one saw coming. The world expected him to target Lesnar’s face where he hated being hit and went to straight to the body where he could really do some damage after his illness. Wonder if he has any surprises in store for the champ?

Image via Sherdog

  • Anonymous

    I predict knees will end jds reign as champion.

  • Anonymous

    I predict knees will end jds reign as champion.

  • Quardy

    This is my most anticipated fight for 2012!

    • i like sexy time

      Rashad v Jones my good friend 

      • Anonymous

        Rashad has no chance against Jones

  • warriordave927

    If overeem is smart,which like you said he came in with a great strategy for kawk chest he’ll target juniors knee injury that he had been rehabing

  • ass

    Overeems a bad dude no doubt, but JDS is the man and hes gonna put it on the K-1 champ come fight night…JDS by KO round 2

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