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Rampage Jackson Isn’t A Fan of ‘Fake’ Joe Rogan’s ‘Biased’ Commentary (Update II)

Joe Rogan may be friends with a lot of fighters, but apparently Rampage Jackson isn’t one of them. At least not if you ask Rampage. He basically blasts Rogan in this interview with Fighters Only for being “fake” and having “biased” commentary. Here’s just an sample of what he said in response to how a fight would go down between him and Rogan.

I think would beat the sh-t out of Joe Rogan – as long as he don’t get me to the ground, because his jiu jitsu is really good. I know he’s got good jiu jitsu guy because he’s so biased towards jiu jitsu guys. Every time a guy is a jiu jitsu fighter Rogan might as well be playing the rusty trombone like, ‘oh a jiu jitsu guy’.

I don’t give a f— man, I am sick of people putting their [opinions]… if everyone was a jiu jitsu fighter it would be a boring-ass sport. Everyone is not the same. Some people like to stand and bang some people like jiu jitsu. I don’t knock people who like jiu jitsu. Sometimes its boring when they are wrestling but sometimes its boring when people are standing too.

Rampage went on to say that he was a much bigger fan of how Stephen Quadros and Bas Rutten called fights in PRIDE than Mike Goldberg and Joe Rogan because even though he was friends with them, they were still unbiased when they called his fights.

Harsh words, but Joe Rogan didn’t take it too personally. He says he still loves Rampage.

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Update: More comments from Joe Rogan.

I think he’d beat the shit out of me too. :) For the record, I like Rampage a lot. I’ve always enjoyed hanging out and talking with him. I’m sure if I talked with him about all this stuff he would feel a lot better about it. I’m certainly not hating on him, I’m a fan. When I talk about his game it’s because I have to analyze things objectively, and I think he’s one of the toughest, most dangerous guys in the game. If I describe something that I wish he would do it’s because I think his athletic and fighting potential is immense.

Update: More Joe Rogan…

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