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Manager: Frankie Edgar Wants Ben Henderson Rematch, Not A Move To Featherweight

Don’t expect to see Frankie Edgar drop to featherweight anytime soon.

Speaking to MMA Weekly, his manager Ali Abdel-Aziz made it clear that they are gunning for an immediate rematch with Ben Henderson before contemplating a move to 145.

“Frankie deserves a rematch,” Abdel-Aziz told “We’re going to ask for a rematch.

“I talked to Lorenzo (Fertitta) and he believes Frankie scored 3 to 2, Dana White scored Frankie winning the fight.”

“Frankie in the future will go down to 145, but he’s not going to go down now, he’s not. He’s not getting manhandled, he’s not getting destroyed, he won the fight,” Abdel-Aziz stated.

“Frankie’s not the type of guy to lose and then just cower and move to 145. This kid has so much heart and determination.”

On one hand, Edgar really is better suited for featherweight. But on the other, he still managed to win the lightweight title and hold onto it for three straight fights. So while logic dictates that he should drop down to 145, who are we to tell Edgar that he doesn’t belong in a weight class that he was a reigning world champion in? Especially right after he lost said title in a close fight? I certainly can’t, so if he wants to stay at lightweight and prove once again that 155 is where he belongs, then I say he has every right to do so.

Image via Esther Lin for MMA Fighting

  • Matt Silliman

    I think the determining factor in a rematch is going to be TWITTER. If a ton of people tweet Dana and ask for a rematch we will probably see one. If its 50/50 we probably won’t see an immediate rematch.

    Who did you think won the fight Steve?

    • Baronk9

      what part of Frankie got the sh’t beat out of him don’t all you understand.  I had no dog in that fight and was looking forward to a good fight which it was but very one sided axs far as damage and cage control.  nothing Edgar threw at Bendo even fased him.  2 rounds ended with Bendo having dominant position on Edgar and raining down elbows to where it was obviosu Edagr was saved by bell.   Frankie kn ows Aldo will move up someday then he will drop to 145.   Aldo has too much power and speed for Edgar and his team knows it. 

      • MMA Blonde Bomb Shell

        So True, Aldo will hurt Frankie and that’s why he doesn’t want to go down…Aldo is no joke..!!!…

  • Ed Lib

    Edgar deserves the rematch, but not because of the decision. But because Edgar deserves it… specially because he granted rematches to BJ and Gray.

  • Ed Lib

    Edgar deserves the rematch, but not because of the decision. But because Edgar deserves it… specially because he granted rematches to BJ and Gray.

    • Matt Pellerin

      wow! u cant even compare him to bj. bj has actually had awesome fights in the ufc. all frankie edgar does is jab, jab jab jab jab leg kick leg kick takedown hug leg kick leg kick. o and in his last 3 fights he has gotten fuckin battered. maynard destroyed him the firt round both fights and just gassed. also maynard obviously had a instant rematch because it was a draw

      • The Jester

         Hahaha. It is amazing how some people will find something wrong with everything or anyone.

    • Dan Balkwill

      Exactly! He had the decency to fight again after close matches. It is the UFC’ s responsibility to offer HIM the same decency!

  • Dogge88

    Im glad Dana and Lorenzo arnt judging…

  • i like sexy time

    If the fight was close then have a rematch but it was a one sided beating judging by the way edgers face was. Hes to small to inflict enough pain on his opponent. No rematch Jose or pettis please!

    • warriordave927

      To small to inflict damage,uh dude I don’t know you remember this but frankie once(actually the third time they fought) fought a guy named gray maynard who hadn’t been ko’d by anybody but himself and frankie ko’d him

    • The Jester

      Lol… It’s really funny when people want to judge how a fight went purely based on what the fighters bodies/faces look like at the end. So ignorant.

    • Matt Sharrett

      His face has nothing to do with it. He had a bruised eye and cut nose….That can be caused by two strikes and was…two strikes doesn’t make a beating. You are ignorant about mma 

  • Quik1804

    TThats true, frankie seemed too small to damage bendo. It looked like bendo just blinked when frankie would hit him. I was surprised that frankie was able to take him down but couldn’t hold him down. With that said I think it is fair to give frankie a rematch.

    • Mick Train

      How is it fair to give Edgar a rematch when his fight with Henderson wasn’t even close? The fight between Edgar and Henderson was clearly dominated by Henderson, you only give rematches to close fights dumbass.

      • Spiny1121

        Ur an idiot

        • Baronk9

          tinyspiny1121 i’m not sure what fight you saw but Edgar got beat up and most people i know many of who are Edgar fans saw it 4-1 Bendo.  Edgar is clearly AVOIDING Aldo and waiting for him to move up so he can move down.  F L A S H  takedowns  are so far and away OVERRATED.  All those takedowns did was show how far and away Bendo was the agressor and was engaging while Edgar did nothing but sit on leg kicks after taking the FULL blow of the kick in his ribs then catching leg and quik takedown then back up and run away like a total bullsh’t point fighter always does.  Edgar almost got submitted, damn near had his head kicked off his shoulders a few times and got his face all  f’cked up real bad.  No way Edgar  EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEked out another bullsh’t decision.  This fight was a beatdown and only thing that kept Frankie from going out or calling it quits was his heart. However that big heart is going gto cost him big later in life like (mid 30’s) when he starts babbling and rattling sentences like Forrest Griffen.  Nop Edgars had at least a dozen concussions in  avery short window of time and whats even worse is most of them were within  afew minutes of each other and causes permanent damage. 

  • The Jester

    Steve, how can you, me, or anyone say that Frankie is “better suited” for Featherweight when he has never fought there?

    • The Jester

      Maybe everyone could learn a thing or two from him. He’s never had any issues with his weight like missing weight, getting sick, having bad cardio or anything like that. All of  those things are issues for countless other fighters because they walk around one or two weight classes heavier than what they fight at.

    • Steve Barry

      I meant physically.

      • The Jester

        Physically is exactly what I am talking about. How can anyone possibly know that he would be better off in a weight class that he has never fought in?

        • Steve Barry

          Ok well I speaking specifically to the size deficit he faces in the lightweight division. He says he cuts one pound to make 155 where everyone else in the division cuts 10-20 lbs. He’s always going to be the smaller fighter. So in terms of size, he is better suited for 145.

          I mean who knows maybe he goes down to 145 and gets his ass beat, but in terms of placing fighters in weight classes he would be an obvious choice featherweight based on how the majority of fighters choose which weight class they fight in.

          • Baronk9

            The Edgar doesn’t want to go to 145 is very simple, he knows Aldo is faster and has massive more power.  Edgar will no longer get away with his in and oout pitter patter at 145.  Edgar is waiting for Aldo to move up to 155 the he will drop down.  I just can’t belive all the Edgar nuthuggers that refuse to count all the damage he took at hands of Bendo.  People are so use to Edgar stealing decsions and taking massive beatings in process that they have lost sight of the fact this is still a fight and when one fighter is 100% undamaged and the other (Edger) looks like he jumped off a freeway overpass onto oncoming traffic and the FACT Bendo out struck Edgar i think Frankie just needs to accept the fact you can’t always STEAL the decsions.   Bottom line Frankie got his ass kicked.

  • XT600

    Henderson man handled Edgar and beat him up for four rounds and just because Edgar survived he wants a rematch?  What fight were you people watching?

    • XT600

      Go to a school or bar with your face all beat up and tell everyone that you won the fight and watch everyone laugh at you!  Lorenzo and Dana are just biased because they have become buddy buddy with Edgar.  

      • The Jester

         Lol… It’s really funny when people want to judge how a fight went
        purely based on what the fighters bodies/faces look like at the end. So

        • XT600

          So if someone goes in there slap boxing and slaps the other guy more times he wins?  I don’t think it works like that.  Edgar was hitting with little sissy punches while Henderson was hitting with man punches.  The results were shown on their faces.  Your man lost, just accept it.  

          • The Jester

            What shows on someones face is hardly an indicator of who won the fight. That is just an ignorant statement. Look at Chael Sonnen vs Nate Marquardt (or Chael vs Silva even though he lost.) Lesnar vs Carwin. GSP vs Jake Shields.
            Diego Sanchez vs Martin Kampmann. Nate Quarry vs Tim Credeur. Some people just cut/bleed/bruise easier than others. And some people rarely ever do at all. Look at Cheick Kongo vs. Pat Barry. They both took massive damage and were both pretty much unconscious but neither fighter looked too bad after the fight. The argument that someone just looks worse than the other so therefore he should be the loser is just ridiculous.

          • Brett

            I don’t think that you have a right to say it is “ignorant”.
            I believe what shows on someones face can be an important indicatior. Edgar took his opponent down than his courterpart did. But Henderson held Edgar down more and Edgar was saved by the bell. What is important is not who has took him down but who has held him down.

          • Baronk9

            Oh com e on dude EVERYONE knows Kampmann got robbed against Diego for god sake.  Diego took a world class beating.   Diego and Edgar are both going to be “PUNCHY”  ie: brain dead before age 35..  It just amazes me how so many of these “DANA Favorites” have been winning fights based soley on how much of a beating they can take.   Same thing happen when matt Hamill beat the hell out of spitsbing for 15 minutes non-stop.  That fight was without any shadow doubt  30-27  Hamill.  Let’s see one guy heading to hospital (EDGAR) the otehr guy Bendo is ready to go another 5 rounds without the slightest of damage yet you guys say that has no bearing on anything that determines who actually won that fight.  COMMON F’K sense Edgar took a  beating which anyone who’s not a nuthugger or hanging on Dana’s nuts could see Bendo dominated that fight.  Edgar didn’t really even look in that good of shape.  He was soft around the middle.  not like Diego Sanchez soft just not as good of shape as he was for Maynard fights.  I think edgar was little too over confident leading up to Bendo fight.  What’s really funny is Jim Miller is one of the most outspoken fighters that didn’t think any of the WEC Lightweights were good enough to be ranked with UFC LW’ts and then he gets his a’ss kicked by Bendo.

  • Svatsev93

    Henderson clearly won the fight, it wasn’t a dominate win for Benson, so I think Edgar deserves a rematch, but if Edgar thinks he won the fight, he’s delusional.

  • Mick Train

    I’m starting dislike Frankie Edgar more and more, he’s coming off as a whiny little bitch crying for a rematch where it isn’t even deserved, he needs to stfu, learn from his loss, and move the fuck on.

    • Baronk9

      Yep me to Frankie is starting to sound like a whining f’n baby. I actually liked both fighters about same before that fight and was just hoping for a good fight but instead i saw a pretty one sided beatdown by Bendo over Edgars.  The other thing that bothers me is all the bitching on here about bendo being bigger than Edgars.  These same idiots are Jon Fitch nuthuggers and EVERYONE knows Fitch is one of the best WEIGHT CUTTERS in all MMA and easily walks around over 200lbs yet not one of you cared in the least that Fitch had 30 lbs on BJ Penn during their fight but instead you guys just bitch and complian about BJ gassing in round 3 without taking in consideration that BJ beat up and took Fitch down  for 10 minutes of that fight against a much much bigger opponnet which would cause most fighters to gas.  But since Frankie is TOO AFRAID to fight Jose Aldo at 145 lbs and remain in LW division and chooses to use his speed and pitter patter point fighting style to steal decisions against NORMAL SIZED 155 ers you instead try and make Bendo out to be the Villian even though Bendo is RIPPED from head to toe and still by far not the biggest LW in UFC.  No that prize goes to Cerrone, gleison  Tibau.  Either Edgar didn’t look in the mirror and or look at Hendersen after the fight or he’s just listening to those idiots that picked him up on their shoulders and tried to PRETEND that Frankie easily had that decision.   No way Bendo/Edgar was as close as Condit/ Diaz.  I can’t believe how much fans/Judges score for takedowns with no follow up or submission attempts.  Edgar’s   G  S  P   point fighting style is getting old fast and as i said on another blog is losing its appeal to judges also.

  • Kingtcb

    Learn the sport of mma before you make dumb comments, Judging is not scored on damage its scored on shots landed, take downs, octagon control. I am a Bendo fan but one stiff jab did that to edgar’s eye and one up kick did it to his nose. Franky clearly won rounds 1 and 2 with more shots landed countering off many catches of kicks and many more take downs. The entire second round was 5 min long people. He even took his back multiple times. You do not judge a fight off the last 10 seconds. Round 5 was also controlled more by edgar in crisper striking and takedowns, I guess everyone forgot he dropped bendo as well. Haters gunna Hate. Edgar does more in a fight then GSP and everyone blows that dude for some reason…

    • Baronk9

      I agree Edgar is almost as boring as GSP.  Sorry just my opinion because i am not impressed by Pitter patter that doesn’t even leave any damgage whatsoever.  Edgar reminds me of somoene who can FOOOOOOOOOL the judges with shadow boxing.  Bendo had 5 more rounds left in him and Edgar couldn’t get to hospital fast enough.  Edgar is going to be in REAL trouble after Dana white talks him into fighting Aldo.  Pitter patter is going to get him KO’d by Aldo.  Aldo is going to be yelling come on little fello you can run but you can’t hide.  VERY BAD matchup fro Frankie.  his speed has fooled judges up this point but when Aldo throws punches at least as fast or faster with 5 times more power Frankie is going to be stairing up at the lights

  • NaturalBornJogger

    Frankie lost that fight. It was not a close fight at all. Diaz/Condit was a closer fight. Just becuase Frankie survived all 5 rounds, doesn’t mean he won, or should get a rematch.

  • BondJamesBond

    Frankie should get himself in contention.Now that he is the former Lightweight Champion I want to see other top contenders get their shot!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jarjar

    Bendo dominated period. Frankie doesn’t deserve a rematch.

  • Ninja B

    what,s really makes me laugh after reading some of the comments week in week out after various fights is that how many of you so called EXPERTS ON MMA have even entered a cage or even studied any form of martial art.
    To have an opinion is 1 thing but to try and talk like you could actaully perform any better is laughable.
    your all loser,s big time.

    • Savage Chezz

       I guess since your name is (Ninja), you actually know more of MMA then others…. As for others making comments or even judging fighters…. Hey dude, WE or many of us PAID to see these guys fight and perform, so I believe that gives US the right to state our opinions on these fighters and fights….

  • Scottm2929

    i think you can argue numbers all day but at the end of the day who wud you rather be coming out for a sixth round, thats wat i always think when fights are close and you’d reli need an entire day and slow mo and a very worked out scoring system to truly discover who won but i believe edgar deserves the rematch and i wud love to see it

  • Robert799

    Henderson lost the last wec title match in a close match. The only reason he did not get a rematch was because that belt became obsolete. Shogun got a rematch with Lyoto, granted it was a little bit closer. But there was doubt none the less. If some of the big bosses in the UFC said it was close then I know it will happen. The brass, the fans, and Edgar deserve to see this rematch made. This might be the only way Edgar will move down. It has happened before when fighters have multiple losses in a division and decide to try greener pastures.

  • Dan Balkwiil

    Exactly! He had the decency to fight again after close matches. It is the UFC’ s responsibility to offer HIM the same decency!

  • fingerssfv

    Face it, Frankie lost !  boo hoo hoo

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  • Robtmorris68

    Edgar would have won the first two rounds if it wasn’t for the closing seconds of the second round.  That up kick changed the fight and that was his fault for getting caught.  Round 5 would have went to him if he didn’t get careless in the last 20 seconds.  Edgar is very tough and he might have won by points for the take downs but he definitly took a pounding.  I think Henderson would convincingly win in a rematch by either a stoppage or a submission.

  • Kingtcb

     Funny because a round is 5 min not 20 sec. He won that fight no question in my mind, I guess thats because im not a new school fan who only wants to see fighters with knockout power and know nothing about technical skill or winning a fight on points. fools

  • Goosethegreat23

    due to fight metric via compustrike bendo out stuck edgar 100 to edgar’s 81, and bendo inflicted more damage which due to octagon rules damage is a part of aggression where edgar lacked in this fight with bendo. secondly bendo through strikes with the intent of finishing or stopping the opponent which a fighter is supposed to do plus bendo went for subs as well, leaving frankie edgar only winning in the takedown department with edgar having 5/12 td’s and bendo 1/1 td’s secured, sorry but the judges got this fight right.. just because you take your opponent down more doesn’t mean you win based on points, it’s useless when your opponent gets right back to his feet every time and takes little or no damage fight metric shows bendo winning, and myself plus millions around the world saw bendo winning the fight…

  • Jwildcat123jtf

    Look i’m not trying to be this expert judge, but i’m actually glad henderson won. If anybody saw the fight he got the more damage strikes on edgar. All edgar was trying to do was keep taking henderson down to try and win by points. The take downs had no effect on henderson,and i’m glad the judges finally was like hey these take downs are weak,and henderson is causing more damage with his striking. So i commend the judges .

    • MMA Blonde Bomb Shell

      The judges most of the time get it all wrong, but this time they got it right on as Frankie lost that fight and lost his title all on his own.. There’s no one else to blame but himself and I don’t believe that Frankie should get a rematch right away he needs to step back up and fight someone in the top 5 before he gets another title shot…
      And please don’t think I don’t like Frankie I think he’s a great fighter but he lost that fight fair and square…

    • Baronk9

      Well put Jwildca on Edgar/Bendo fightt. How about Condit/Diaz?  I’m not evena Diaz fan and I thought he beat Condit hands down.  These days there are so many factors that weigh into judges decsions, such as popularity,  Dana white,  lay n pray-point fighting strategies.  Its so easy to basically FIX fights with these sisssssy asssss Greg jackson gameplans  ala GSP’s Condits, Guida’s.  Such friggen bullshit that people like Greg Jackson are exploiting every possible advantage to exploit  RULES  Run way like a pussy today so you can STEAL a championship title away.  its time the refs and judges demand that these fighters “JUST SCRAP”

  • Goosethegreat23

    if you win on points thats fine, but if you were like condit winning by excessive leg pussy kicks and a run away mentality and looking for the finish yeah thats not winning at all, and gsp now a days just lays on people for a victory but when he fought bj the second time though old gsp was back for that fight… It’s cool if your strategy is to hit and not be hit thats the science of fighting, guys like ali, sugar ray robinson, sugar ray leonard all used this tactic and won by ko most of the time hell even the spider uses this tactic but he finishes fights…I highly respect the diaz bro’s as they use technical sound boxing with world class jiu-jitsu and go out there with intent of finishing a fight you can’t not respect an athlete for going for the finish…

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