Lorenzo Fertitta Will ‘Move Mountains’ For ‘UFC 100-Style Card’ This Fall If NY MMA Legalized

If you didn’t really care before whether or not MMA is legalized in New York this year, you will after you read this quote UFC big bossman Lorenzo Fertitta just gave MMA Fighting.

“When we come [to New York],” he said, “we’re going to blow it out. We’re going to put on a ridiculous UFC 100-style card, stacked, big, open to the public weigh-ins, press conferences, after-parties, the whole deal. Everybody will be there. This is going to be an event that will remind you of 1971 when Ali fought Frazier for the first time and every celebrity in New York had to be there.

“The biggest problem that I’m going to have is going to be where to sit everybody and who gets seats and who doesn’t. It’s going to be crazy.”

“If it passed (by June), we would move mountains to get something done by fall.”

Yes, please.

If it happens, the blowout event would take place at Madison Square Garden in Manhattan.

It’s far too early to predict who could wind up on such a card, but I bet stars like Jon Jones and Frankie Edgar would be on the short list given their ties to the Tri-State area.

  • Matt Silliman

    You can bet it will be headlined by a HW title fight and probably have 1 or 2 other title fights. If Jon Jones beats Rashad and JDS wins……

    JDS/Overeem vs. Cain/Mir
    Jon Jones vs. Hendo
    Benson Henderson vs. Nate Diaz (assuming they both win)
    Shogun vs. Rampage
    Faber/Cruz  vs. Renan Barao
    Frankie Edgar vs Jim Miller  (assuming they both lose)

    So many options.  but that would be a card I would fly to see for sure.

    • http://twitter.com/Warriordave927 warriordave927

      I don’t think they’d have Jones and jds on the same card only because Dana wouldn’t put Jones in a co-main event spot under a heavyweight bought because Jones is the ufc’s poster boy and if they did they would probably put jds as the co-main

      • Matt Silliman

        You make a very solid point, but they did put GSP under Lesnar at 100. However, I agree that Jones is a poster boy and isn’t likely to play second fiddle.

  • http://twitter.com/Warriordave927 warriordave927

    If they want to do a better show than ufc 100 They would need to have 3 title fights at least and of course they need to have somebody fight bisping and knock him the f*** out again

  • Lol

    The fighters still will be underpaid at this big event smh

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