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Dan Hardy Wants To Fight ‘That Blood Thirsty Kill Freak’ Matt Hughes

“I would love to figure that out, that blood thirsty kill freak. I can’t stand the dude… I’d love to get a shot at him, but the thing with Matt Hughes is I don’t like him as a person, but I can’t help but respect him as a fighter. He achieved a lot and I enjoyed watching him fight when he was at his peak… The thing is, at this stage in his career, I know he’s past his peak. I know he’s not looked great in his last few fights, and maybe he’s kind of winding down… I would love to fight him and, if he was willing to take the fight, I would by all means love to get in there and put it on him, but I’m not going to chase after the guy cause he has passed his peak and he may not want to a fight against someone who doesn’t like him as much as me.”

— Dan Hardy on MMA Weekly Radio talking about Matt Hughes

Well someone clearly isn’t a Matt Hughes fan, at least not of Matt Hughes the hunter. That’s what Dan Hardy was referring to when he called Hughes a “blood thirsty kill freak.” Hardy says he actually doesn’t have a problem with hunting as long as it “serves a purpose,” but he thought it was completely unnecessary when Hughes killed a wild bobcat and posted the photo seen above last year, hence “blood thirsty kill freak.”

I’m usually down for seeing a fight when fighters have a legitimate problem with other fighters, but I’m not so sure about this one. Hughes has lost his last two fights via knockout. I don’t want to see a third.

Anyone interested in Hardy-Hughes?

Image via Matt Hughes

  • warriordave927

    Dan hardy should worry about getting through Duane ludwig first,if he wins then maybe call out matt Hughes

  • Aalvarez10460

    Respect to Hardy for respecting Matt Hughes as a fighter even though he doesn’t like him and understanding that Hughes is past his prime because if Hughes was in his prime he’s definitely whoop that ass. 

  • Matt Silliman

    Dan Hardy needs to win a fight and worry about keeping his job, not calling out legends in the sport.

  • i like sexy time

    Iv never had respect for Dan in my life but after what hes just said about Hughes about the fact he doesn’t have a problem with hunting as long as it “serves a purpose”. In my book that deserves a lot of respect because of those few words i now see this guy in a different light. I hope he gets his shot at this shit and knocks him into next week in the first. Go Dan you de man!

  • Anonymous

    I love how Dan Hardy points out that the Matt Hughes he’s wanting to fight is past his prime.  He’s basically just admitting something every fan knows: Dan Hardy wouldn’t stand a chance against Hughes in his heyday.  And frankly, I think Hardy’s calling him out because he knows he can’t cut it against the majority of the division that ISN’T a semi-retired, past their prime legend.

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  • Avinash Goonewardena

    Matt Hughes is an inbred redneck. Killing for sport with a gun is coward shit. do it with your barehands and see how tough you are.

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