UFC Planning Three Events In Canada This Year

UFC president Dana White has made it his mission to keep Canada happy, as the UFC boss announced three UFC cards for this year in the country.

In addition, White said during a press conference in Calgary earlier this week, the UFC will look to hold three shows a year in Canada on a regular basis.

You guys are awesome. You know, I always say it; I love this place. Man, I love coming up to Canada. You guys are the best fans in the world, we appreciate it so much.

UFC 149 will be held in Calgary on July 21, with Jose Aldo defending his UFC featherweight title in the main event. UFC 152 is set for Toronto on September 22, while UFC 154 will take place November 17 from Montreal.

Several Canadian MMA superstars were on hand or joined the press conference via satellite, including UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre.

GSP told the crowd that he would like nothing more than to return at UFC 154 in Montreal to unify the UFC welterweight title with Carlos Condit. However, nothing has been made official in regards to the card.

  • http://twitter.com/Warriordave927 warriordave927

    My connection was pretty spotty while I was watching it,but did Jason McDonald say he was retiring at the Calgary event

  • Anonymous

    I call shananegans on Canada!
    There’s other places the UFC hasn’t gone to, Mexico being
    One of them. Make the effort Dana!!

    • http://twitter.com/Warriordave927 warriordave927

      Idk man Mexico is pretty unsafe, I honestly think that might not happen anytime soon,i know Brazil is unsafe as well but I think the fact that the locals embrace the sport like they do seeing as it has existed there for a very long time now is one of the reasons bringing events down there works,I think events in Mexico would need more people traveling to the events which as bad as the country is I don’t think too many people would be willing to travel into mexico

      • Anonymous

        Shows what you know about Mexico! Tourism is at an all time high despite the violence. Only people getting killed here are mainly those involved with cartel dealings.
        I think it’s a good move business is booming and people really do enjoy the UFC there.

        • http://twitter.com/Warriordave927 warriordave927

          Yeah I could be wrong about the tourism,but I also think it depends on what city the event would be held in,and to most Mexican ciitizens the crime and violence unfortunately has become part of their daily lives,I know this first hand because I have family in several Mexican citys 2 of which are on several most dangerous cities lists and talking to them its become the routine,but to us in the US is still very shocking

          • Anonymous

            I agree with u on that one, it does depend on what city they would hold it in. I too have family fam. In Mexico more than half and recently my cousin was murdered near the Texas border. It’s sad but it’s a part of life for the residents not so much tourist.

          • http://twitter.com/Warriordave927 warriordave927

            I’m sorry to hear about your cousin man and hopefully the country will be fixed sooner rather than later because its sad that we have to be afraid to even visit our families

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