NSAC Surprises UFC 146 Heavyweights With On-Site Drug Test

The six fighters who showed up to help promote UFC 146 on Tuesday were surprised by the Nevada State Athletic Commission with an on-site drug test. News of the testing was first reported by Ron Kruck of “Inside MMA.”

Heavyweights Junior dos Santos, Alistair Overeem, Cain Velasquez, Frank Mir, Antonio Silva and Roy Nelson were also given tests by NSAC executive director Keith Kizer following the press conference. Kizer explained the decision to MMA Fighting’s Mike Chiappetta.

We brought the drug test to them instead of making them go to the drug test. If they were not in Las Vegas, I would need to find them a lab, which is of course, much more of a hassle.

This was the first time NSAC has performed such a test in MMA, though they did do the same thing to boxers Abner Mares and Joseph Agbeko last August.

UFC 146 is set for May 26. Kizer added that the results may not become available to the public before that date. However, if someone tested positive, that likely would become public knowledge.

  • Matt Silliman

    This is probably because Overeem. Seems like they always have extra test when he’s around. Wait till Barnett starts fighting in the UFC.

    • i like sexy time

      Will dana put Barnett into the ufc? He has said time and time again that there was no way this guy would ever get in.

      • Matt Silliman

        If Barnett wins the grand prix, how can they not take a chance on him. I doubt he will win, but I wouldn’t mind seeing him fight some of the best UFC guys.

  • Awwaters

    Bigfoot has had issues too… and I know Roy Nelson is on the roids!

  • Ed Lib

    Alisteroids Overeem…  this could screw up 146 main event.  

    Bigfoot had of his too.. but Nelson??? really?

    • Miranduh

      Oh that’s hilarious! Alisteroids!?!? How did you even think of that? Prolly one of the funniest play on words I’ve ever heard in my life… I hope by now you can tell that was all sarcasm.

      • Ed Lib

        sorry if I hurt your feelings 

    • Miranduh

      Oh that’s hilarious! Alisteroids!?!? How did you even think of that? Prolly one of the funniest play on words I’ve ever heard in my life… I hope by now you can tell that was all sarcasm.

  • Aaron_johnson425

    This is really shitty for the NSAC to do to these guys. Because at least one or two of them is probably going to come back positive, and it’s going to ruin the whole card. I don’t understand why people are trying so hard to get steroids out of MMA. You know all those crazy superhuman MMA feats that we all love so much? Yea, they’re pretty much all because of performance enhancing drugs. Whether it’s straight up old school anabolics, or the new pseudo-cheating with TRT, people need to recognize that performance enhancing drugs made the sport what it is today. Without the juice there would be no endless cardio, no superman strength, no instant recovery from being hit like a freight train, no bouncing back the next day from brutal weight cuts, and no amazing come-from-behind wins in the final round after getting hammered like a pinata for 13 minutes.

    I’m not saying steroids are either good or bad. I’m just pointing out that it’s responsible for a lot of what people love about MMA. Some fighters are more flagrant and over the top than others, but most of these guys are using some form of performance enhancing drug at least occasionally (e.g. the guys who don’t juice hard but fire up a nice load of testosterone after weigh-ins to pull off a Floyd Landis style recovery).

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