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Dan Henderson Offers Up His Services For Fight With Junior Dos Santos At UFC 146

If UFC president Dana White comes calling, Dan Henderson would be willing to accept the challenge of fighting UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos.

Currently, we are all awaiting word on what will happen with Alistair Overeem following his failed drug test. Henderson, on his Twitter account, was asked if he would accept a match with dos Santos at UFC 146 in May if it was offered to him.

For sure.

Henderson is currently awaiting a shot at either the UFC light heavyweight title or middleweight belt, but the opportunity to get back inside the Octagon much sooner than either of those titles will likely present could push “Hendo” to compete at heavyweight again.

In his last Strikeforce bout, Henderson defeated former heavyweight king Fedor Emelianenko.

Photo credit: James Law/MMA Fighting

  • warriordave927

    I kinda saw this coming when the idea of it being mir was shot down,I really don’t like the matchup,I think Dana should just call of the title fight if they can’t get a suitable opponent for jds rather than make it a three ring circus

    • Matt Silliman

      I agree that calling it off might be better than forcing a fight. But how often does Dana brag about how deep the HW roster is, it would look silly to be that deep and not have anyone to jump in. Hendo is always game, but he doesn’t fight at HW so I doubt they will throw him in there

      • warriordave927

        The hw division has name value but no contenders right now frank mir is the closest to it,the rest of the guys on the card not so much,Cain-last fight loss to jds,bigfoot is coming off a loss,Roy nelson is coming off a loss as well and is 2-3 in his last 5,gonzaga has a ko loss to jds already,del rosario by record is the best choice but lacks experience against big names,struve also has a glow loss to jds,mark hunt has 3 straight wins but I think he needs at least one more fight to be considered in title contention because of his 6 straight losses beefore that,I think the only other person that might be a reasonable choice would be werdum because of his improvement lately but again he’s already got a too loss to jds

        • Miranduh

          Does Werdum have a fight yet? If not that would prolly be the best option. He did make it a little interesting for Overeem on the feet, he just looked horrible begging to pull guard. I would rather see Henderson lose to Jones rather than Dos Santos. At least that way he would be in his own weight class. Maybe Henderson has a better chance of beating JDS than Jones or Silva, but still, he’s not a heavyweight.

          • warriordave927

            Werdum is fighting mike russow who many believe is a step down for werdum,so he can be an option

          • Miranduh

            Yeah definitely a step down from Nelson. It’s lame, the only person who’s ready for a title shot right now is Overeem and Mir. I think Werdum should have at least two more fights, plus that fight is nowhere near as sellable as Overeem. This is most likely going to keep me from buying the PPV, it’s just not as interesting anymore.

  • Matt Silliman

    Is it time for The Natural to come out of retirement…..again?

  • Toughjuice aka tha juiceman

    hahaha randy couture for real? he would eat a hugh uppercut. lol i think the smartest thing to do is let junior fight kongo or bigfoot silva. maybe even pat berry. i mean none of those guys deserve a title shot but. maybe they can make it a 3 round main event. better than him fighting a 205 er. junior is not a washed up fedor.dan hendo

  • Cocunuts

    why this is a perfect retirement fight for henderson because these guys will go to war and junior needs to have a proper defence since he got the title the way he did. i was a little scared that overeem was going to beat him too bad. ( he had a 14-1 T/E

    • LeoLarios

      I said it right after the alistair news broke out. People laughed!
      I believe Hendo has a shot at beating jds.

      • LeoLarios

        Reality is Hendo has a shot at beating anyone!

  • Shark

    hendo would get finished real quick.

  • Awwaters

    Hendo is gonna pull a Randy Couture and become champ at 40+! I honestly think it would be a good fight but I would take JDS 99 times out of 100.

  • True mma fan

    If anyone thinks Hendo has a chance against Juniour is delusional, Hendo a good fighter has lots of heart and that right hand, but there is no way he’s getting close to Junior without getting knocked out, he’d get finished and finished quick.

    • Matt Silliman

      I wouldn’t say he’d get finished quick. He has a very solid chin, he’s an amazing wrestler, he’s a smart and experienced fighter, and JDS isnt a big heavy weight. Only around 240.

  • sandman

    Hendo would get demolished! Bad idea….

  • warriordave927

    I was thinking that maybe if and that’s a big if Jones loses to rashad and isn’t too badly hurt,Jones can are in to fight jds and hendo can stay at 205 and fight rashad

  • Ed Lib

    Hendo makes me sick looking for main events at any price… he should respect himself a little more. 

  • Blakegutierrez72

     Hendo is smart. Start looking at age as a serious issue and realize that he only has a few years left if he stays healthy and uninjured. I personally hope he takes any belt at what ever weight he chooses. He was a great champion and puts on a great show every time but putting him up against the monster that jds would be a major downside just in size. Still i think Hendo could knock any one at if he found an opening. As for Overeem, he may very well blew his chance but I agree with not calling off the Mir Velasquez fight to fill in the spot.

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