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MMAConvert’s April 2012 Rankings: Heavyweight

Here we go. The final weight class. The heavyweights.

To clear up any confusion, these are not anyone’s personal rankings. They are compiled rankings from our staff and do not mirror any one member’s list. Our rankings are heavily based on the fighters’ more recent performances, the strength of their competition and the relevancy of those fights, not who we think could beat who or where we think they would fit in if they were fighting at heavyweight (or any weight class a fighter is not currently fighting in). I apologize, I should have made this more clear up front.

Alistair Overeem’s standing will likely drop like a brick over the next few months if the commission finds him guilty of PED use and puts him out of action for 12 months, but until they make their decision we must still treat him like he is fighting JDS for the title at UFC 146. Brock Lesnar was not included because he retired and signed with the WWE. Shane Carwin was on one staff member’s list, but didn’t make the top ten in the others. He came in at 11.

As always, our rankings can easily be referenced on our dedicated rankings page.


  1. Junior dos Santos
  2. Alistair Overeem
  3. Cain Velasquez
  4. Frank Mir
  5. Fabricio Werdum
  6. Daniel Cormier
  7. Josh Barnett
  8. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
  9. Antonio Silva
  10. Mark Hunt

Photo credit: Esther Lin/MMA Fighting

  • Naronavas

    What about Travis Browne???

  • Naronavas

    And where the hell is Carwin?? I am sure he’d beat half of that list

    • Steve Barry

      You clearly didn’t read the post.

  • Cocunuts

    WTF shane carwin got madly robbed. he is in top 5 let alone top 10..  Dear MMA Convert if you are only naming ufc fighters atleast use the ufc rankings as a guide. 

    • Miranduh

      Josh Barnett is on there. How are they only using UFC fighters? Carwin has been inactive for a really long time, I’m sure that’s what kept him at 11th.

      • Steve Barry

        Inactive for 10 months and lost his last two is why I didn’t put him in my top 10.

        • Ed Lib


  • Cocunuts

    ok yea right even though his last two wins were against monsters ( Brock lesnar and junior at there best ) and he had the interm belt for the lesnar fight then his last fight was a title contender fight which junior obviously won. admit when your wrong inactivaty due to injury don’t count.  { I admit josh is on there but that’s it… ) 

    • Miranduh

      Daniel Cormier is on there too lol. I don’t understand what’s so upsetting to you. It’s just a ranking list, no need to shed a tear over it.

      • Cocunuts

        no tears shed but just could do a better job..

  • Dicksisforchicks

    Y don’t u just call it the UFC rankings please might as well smh

    • Miranduh

      Yeah, because there’s just so much talent at heavyweight in other promotions. Right? C’mon bro, who else is there? Cole Konrad? As if. The best in the world are in the UFC. If it was a top 20 list then you would see alot more variety.

  • LeoLarios

    Fedor just lost 3 fights his whole career I’d still give em a spot on the too 10.
    He’s ready for the UFC but Dana ain’t giving him a chance.

  • Aznkill

    stfu about fedor!!!!! get over him!!! he sucks!!! no one cares!!! go nut hug him some more and watch his old videos

  • Matt Silliman

    Where did Fedor end up on the list. Just curious. He has beat a couple fighters on this list and if not for his aggressive finishing style would have be Werdum as well.

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