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Ed Soares Hopes Brazilian Fans Leave Chael Sonnen To Anderson Silva At UFC 147

Ed Soares, the manager for UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva, made a plea to the Brazilian faithful during a recent interview with Portal Do Vale Tudo.

Hopefully, people will understand that they shouldn’t do anything against Chael, just boo him. Let Anderson settle this with him in the Octagon. It will be very bad for Brazil if something happens to him. The guy is an idiot, but he is promoting the fight and it will be the greatest MMA fight of all time.

Silva and Sonnen will meet for the second time in the main event of UFC 147 on June 23 from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The bout is set to take place inside a soccer stadium, with 80,000 fans planned – all of which will be very focal against Sonnen.

  • warriordave927

    This has been my concern from the first I heard that the fight would happen in Brazil in a soccer stadium,all it takes is one person and one too many drinks to start a riot,I really hope people listen to soares

  • Tiz

    greatest fight in MMA history ???  I wouldn’t go that far and to hear this from so many is why, once DANA or Joe Rogan start the hype train aka promotion media interviews, previews and breakdown the fights-  ecspecially Joe if Dana sells a fight as something than we usually hear Joe say the same thing about the two fighters and how it’s been labeled.  Now this fight is highly anticipated but the greatest fight ever is wrong !  They are confusing themselves of the difference between Great Fights and Great Promoted fights, which is what Chael Sonnen has done.  His fights are not even in consideration for Great and the only fight Ive ever seen him look good standing up striking is the one he had with Anderson.  He did sell the fight extremely well and fought better than we expected but cmon he is a Pro Fighter and should be able to look good while doiing his job, that should be the norm – Must mention that he was caught with his pants down and a BIG HYPERDERMIC NEEDLE WAS STUCK IN HIS ASS.  He cheated and was under the influence of TRT or who knows what the exact steroid was.  This is maybe top 5 or top 3 Greatest Anticipated Rematch Ever still I have problems given it such a resectable label after we have seen so many great fights that easily toppled the first MW title fight of Sonnen Silva.   Dan Henderson vs Shogun was a better fight and more exciting bcuz both guys fought to their ability and showcased what MMA IS REALLY ABOUT- competitiveness, toughness, durability, skill, back n forth action with both guys overcoming odds of being nearly taken out by strikes and submissions. add in the exchanges and scrambles on the feet and on the ground – striking or grappling both fighters were amazing and the result was close.  Chael vs Silva was so captivating mostly I believe from us being suprised this guy who was never an elite MW (cept in the WEC were he was among the top two competing for that belt) in the UFC and against the best Pound-4-Pound fighter we have ever seen !  He talked like none other that faced Anderson and when most guys were thought to  be scared, intimidated, underdogs with very little hope and chance to upset the best Fighter of this era.  He talked like he was capable of walking in the cage with Andy and dispatching him with strikes in a matter of seconds.  But really all that was expected from Dana and us cuz once the UFC brass starts th promoting and label a fight or fighter as something we jump aboard and look at it the same way,  That fight was supposed to be the one that saw Anderson return to his former Finishing ways of quickly & swiftly & making it look easy and kinda unfair the way he dispatches his opponents after what was the most annoying and irratating and Negative response towards Anderson’s UFC career after his 5 Round head shaking  WTF moments of his title d-Fense vs D Maia.  Chael was picked to be a sacrificial lamb but one who would give the champ back his mojo and confidence albeit Dana was upset and only wanted to see his most prized asset in the company live up to the hype he has so admantly been feeding and promising as the best figher in the world ever.  Anderson was supposed to win of course and mostly supposed to be involved in a fight not a counter punch competition in which he declines to fight for the entire round only to land a few strikes and dance and make funny faces and become totally MENTAL in the words of Wayne Campbell.  Chael brough the fight to him as delivered and to all our dismay he actually was striking with the champ and looking halfway decent too.  He did much more than we thought he was capable of doing against anyone but to do that against Anderson Silva thats what has made this a intriguing match.  Can the 2nd match meet the expectations so many have created ??  I dont think so even if Anderson loses it’ll 99.8 % be by way of a 5 round decison.  Unless the trash talker has actually learned some BJJ and can use his grappling to dish out revenge in way of submission.  I dont see Sonnen TKO or KO ing anybody let alone Spider but its possible yes. If he loses he shouldnt get another shot anytime soon less Silva retires. but if Spider loses than we might yet again see another immediate rematch after all Sonnen would of recieved one and was bout to untill he was suspended for having faulty nuts – testicle(s)? that are incapable of providing sufficient amount of testosterone.  So if Frankkie Edgar and BJ Penn & Shogun vs Machida & Edgar vs Bendo- all deserve immediate rematches why da heck would Anderson Silva who has the most title defenses and the most respect amongst current/former champs not warrant one ?  So Sonnen not only has to trap that same lighting in a bottle not once more but twice more and more than likely three times more  !  its not gonna happen and what about the decision to have this take place in Brazil will the commissions have less control and authority over his TRT issues and current levels ???

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  • bones

    i think sonnen will come out the winner this time.he has went the farthest with anderson,i have complete faith in him.and if he doesnt,i think there should be a rematch with vitor.if vitor didnt get that straight kick to the face,he could have won the fight.dont get me wrong i really like anderson silva,i just think that when a person goes in and showboats pretty much the whole fight;that its time to either go to another weight class or maybe retire!its almost like he doesnt take it seriously anymore and that is a shame.

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