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Bellator Champion Ben Askren, UFC Boss Dana White Do Battle Over Twitter

Bellator welterweight champion Ben Askren disagreed with UFC president Dana White’s recent talk of drug testing in MMA.

Well, as you might expect, White didn’t let Askren go with just a warning. Instead, the brash boss of the Octagon fired off this through his Twitter account.

When ambien can’t sleep it takes Ben Askren. The most boring fighter in MMA history. I would rather watch flys (expletive). Ben makes (Jon) Fitch look like Wanderlei Silva!!!

White’s comments were in response to Askren’s remarks via his own Twitter page.

The USOC random tests Olympic athletes in all sports. Dana saying testing his fighters would be impossible is a bold faced lie. Just making a statement about level playing field. I didn’t say it wouldn’t be expensive just that it is not impossible. Glad you know my name now. Before I was just the bushy haired wrestler.

With White’s comments, it wouldn’t seem that Askren is on the radar of the UFC. Askren is a former Olympic wrestler and undefeated MMA fighter.

  • Miranduh

    Ah haha! Dang that was funny. I think that was the first time Dana ever made me laugh. It seems like Dana kind of overreacted to what Askren said. It’s not like he insulted him personally, if anything it was more of a suggestion. I don’t think Askren is all that boring, everybody knows he’s going to put them on their back but just can’t stop it. I’m mean, I always stop watching his fights after the 4th round, but it’s still impressive what he’s able to do with just his wrestling.

  • Matt Silliman

    I agree with Dana, watching a wrestler take a guy down and hold him down is boring. But GSP has been doing it for a while. Although recently he has used boxing a bit more, Kos knows all about a GSP jab.

  • Kong Morten

    You cannot agree with Dana on this one, because he is outright lying. Yes Ben Askren is one of the most boring guys in MMA, but that has nothing to do with Dana White lying.
    I usually agree with Dana but im really getting tired of the “Were the most tested sport out there” Not that he might have thrown it out once in a rant, but the fact that he keeps repeating it is a joke.
    A sport as boring and irrelevant as Cycling (yes I know!) has random drug testing, they even go so far as to all the elite athletes have to report where they are at 365 days a year, if not they will get banned for at least a year.
    I do think that is a over doing it quite a bit, but it still strenghtens my point. The UFC is not even close to the most tested sport out there, so he shouldnt be throwing around that statement every time someone asks him about PEDs.
    Can it get better in the UFC? Probably, but im not the one to say that. All im saying is Dana is lying, and he shouldnt flaming other people when they point out something this obvious

  • Ryan Theilen

    what does askren and his boring yet effective fighting style have to do with drug testing. dana might as well have said well hey you know what at least im not a poo poo head. if we was going to respond he could have at least addressed what askren said instead of insulting him like a 8 year old on the playground.

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