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The Morning After – UFC 145

Decisions, decision, decisions. Following an incredibly slow start to the night, UFC 145 finally got under way, and for die-hard fight fans, it did not disappoint. Most of the decisions on the card were hardly boring, and the fights that ended in stoppages, were so damn violent, I needed a cold shower afterwards. I hope things are considerably clearer in the light heavyweight, welterweight, and bantamweight divisions, but realistically, this is MMA, and everything changes so often, in 2 weeks, UFC 145 will be UFC whatfortyfive? Here’s what I thought when I woke up this morning in my dog bed, smelling of beer and dog food.

-Jon Jones is basically the greatest light heavyweight of all-time. As much as I want him to lose in every bout, he still manages to blow my mind with his skill and progression. While I do find him cocky, he has kind of earned the right to be so. His absolutely flawless destruction of Rashad Evans showed that there may be absolutely no one who can beat him in the 205 pound division. However, if this was a video game, Jon would be approaching the final boss. Jon Jones vs. Dan Henderson is on deck, and Hendo is our last hope.

-Rashad Evans went the distance with Jon Jones, an amazing feat, considering the elbow shots that he was blasted into orbit by. Rashad could consider a drop to middleweight, but at the post-fight presser, he suggested he would not do that. Still arguably the #2 205er in the world, Rashad needs top competition. I say, good riddance to Rampage, let’s get Rashad vs. Shogun.

-The wolf was let loose on the piece of meat known as Che Mills. Rory “Ares” MacDonald tore through his opponent with the kind of ease that makes you think the Canadian will be champion sooner, rather than later. With such an impressive performance in the books, it’s time Rory faced one of the top in the division. Johny Hendricks vs. Josh Koscheck is perfectly timed, and fairly relevant. I say Rory gets the winner.

-Ben Rothwell may not have the best gas tank, or skill set, but he flattened Brendan Schaub so quickly, that he had many people talking. While it be due to Schaub’s terrible chin, or the IFL veteran just getting better, he sure staked his claim for a spot in the middle of the pack. I’m kind of bored with the middle of the heavyweight division at this point though, so I don’t care who he fights next. Roy Nelson, Travis Browne, some Strikeforce heavyweight, just make it happen, but not at a high elevation.

-I doubted his chances, but Michael McDonald silenced all critics last night. Needless to say, he did something to Miguel Torres that has rarely been done before, and he did it non-consensually, if you catch my drift. While Renan Barao seems more and more likely as the next title challenger following Faber/Cruz XXXIV, if he gets by Menjivar, and he will, I’m having a hard time fitting McDonald into the division. Maybe he could face the Faber/Cruz loser, to see if he’s ready for a title shot.. or the winner of Jorgensen/Wineland, whatever.

-Following his surprising win over Mark LOLminick, Eddie Yagin clearly has some holes to work on in his game. He got beat up en route to the decision win. I’d like to see him face the winner of Brandao/Elkins, really.

-I never doubted Mark Bocek for a second. If you look at his losses, and how he did in those bouts, it’s hard to deny that he’s in the upper echelon of the lightweight division. While he has a long way to go, he is already very much overlooked. I don’t know who he should face next.. maybe Anthony Njokuani? The division is too stacked for me to make sense of anyway.

I was also impressed by:

-John Alessio, who looked crisp and pretty damn good all things considered.
-Travis Browne, who looked better than ever, even if he was facing considerably lesser opposition.
-Matt Brown, who derailed a hype train before it even started.
-and Marcus Brimage, who did everything he could to get Maximo Blanco to engage.. wait, what?

Who do you want to see fight? Who were your heroes and villains following the event?

Tell me what you think in the comments below.

  • Miranduh

    I was really impressed with how well Matt Brown did last night. His takedowns were amazing and he showed tons of heart, especially because both guys looked so gassed in the middle of the second round. I don’t know where that puts him in the welterweight division but he really put it on Wonderboy.

  • Ed Lib

    JOnes is a complete fighter, and he’s still untested, specially because Rashad couldn’t land a clean punch-bomb like he normally does. 

    It now seems impossible to take a guy with Jones’ size to the ground… he’s definitely too big for the division. That, plus his reach advantage, really makes a huge difference, no matter the skills of anyone who’s in front of him.

    Say he’s the best in the division ever? Maybe, but I wouldn’t be so conclusive on that… he has a lot to improve, mostly in precision+punch-power; like those that could end a fight with that only one shot.

    Is he well-skilled? Yes, of couse. But we’re only be able to see how much when takes a guy as big as he is. 

    • dogge88

      Gustafsson will be the answer. I believe his fast progression and awkward foot work will get the best of Jones. Just give him 1-2 years and ull see.

      • Ed Lib

        Man, I have faith on Gustafsson on that… but his issues with wrestling concerns me a lot… but certainly would make that reach and size thing more even

  • Mrtransam1979

    Id like to give my opinion on who i think a few of these fighters should fight next.

    Lets start at the top. Rashad and Shogun sounds like the obvious choice here. But i think maybe a rematch with Machida would be interesting. Next lets talk Rory MacDonald. Its time to test this kids skill set. My perfect choice would be Nick Diaz but we all know thats not likely any time soon. I think maybe Martin Kampmann. He is on a two fight streak. I think its a good test. Next we have Michael McDonald. I think a match up against former title holder and contender Brian Bowles would be interesting. I know the UFC doesnt like matching winners with losers but i think its necassary sometimes. And the last fighter id like to comment on is Mark Bocek. Lets go ahead and see him fight a winner from the same card and put him in the cage with Mac Danzig. I like the style match up and i think it eliminates one of the two from the top of the lightweight division.

  • Dblaze

    Rashad Evans Vs John Bones Jones was a mix of old and new, young gun and a seasoned vet, bustn caps in atlanta. I can’t imagine the feeling I would get thinking Rashad was going to win against the champion again, re cap is rashad knocking chuck liddell the fuck out for the belt a few ago. But! The fight was fair, relatively boring, I mean, they both traded, Rashad getting the other end of most shots. Didn’t get a takedown once. Jone Bones is just made for the division, he is, a unstoppable and remains versatile. As a powerhouse, the light heavyweight title belt holder.
    I thought, Alexander Gustafasson was going to have a chance? possible.Dan Henderson is to olddd.! Like I dont want to see Jack Lemon go out there. jk 

    The Brit was to hyped up you know? I agree that some European fighters know how to wrestle, but a majority dont have the general ground game down. Kick boxing in the netherlands and boxing in Britain, Che Mills in a swanky pub in London, is just traditional over there! Rory Mcdonald, proved his talent and earned, nestled in really, over top che mills and moved in his spot for some great fights in future, he could become popular soon. What if, Carlos Condit VS Rory, Rory Mcdonald wins. Title shot, Rory Vs GSP? for another scandal. fuck it 

    Eddie Yagin was in the movie big trouble in little china town. He’s a tuff guy, not to big, a little ball of spinning back fists and deliberate crescent and spinning back kicks. Threw all sorts of em.! Beating Mark Hominick. Who I made my automatic choice but for being a 20-10 well now 20-11, the record show’s it in the pudding. He needs to get on fire soon.

    Cool website! thanks guys!-Daniel

  • Ed Lib

    And hey, Joe, and don’t know if Schaub has indeed a terrible chin… cause, it’s heavyweight, and any punch goes as a bomb anyways… but he definitely was reckless on going like crazy without defending his head while he tried to blast Rothwell. 

    Like I said, has a big potential to improve, specially if Brendan looks a little more to his grappling and ground game… there’s something, to me, he still didn’t reach his best

  • Bill Schumer

    First of all, it’s definitely Schaub’s chin.  He didn’t get hit all that hard and was reaching for god when he hit the canvas.

    Kampann’s booked, so no go for him and Rory.  However, personally I would like to see him against either Jon Fitch or Diego Sanchez, or possibly even Thiago Alves.  After one of those wins I think he deserves a rematch with Condit, considering he was winning that fight the first time before he made a mistake.  This kid is the real deal.

    Gustafsson on the other hand looked good, but let’s be real:  He is not going to challenge Jon Jones.  He may be tall, but still gives up over 8 inches of reach to the champ, and will just end up on his back taking punishment.  Even if he waits 2 years, Jones will just be that much better.

    Also very interested in the Hendo fight after seeing how Rashad troubled him.

    • Ed Lib

      Agree with Rory’s matchups you said… 

      But Hendo has to fight a lot better than he fought Shogun.. 

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