Dana White Isn’t an ‘Alistair Overeem Fan at All’, Doesn’t Want To Do Business With Liars

Alistair Overeem may have escaped yesterday’s hearing with the NSAC with a reduced suspension, but he’s not done convincing the powers that be that he deserves another chance in the UFC Octagon. Dana White is still pissed off at Overeem, clearly evident by the conversation he had with Jim Rome this morning (audio above). The commission may have somewhat bought his anti-inflammatory story, but Dana isn’t. He still believed Overeem lied straight to his face when he told him he was clean and wouldn’t have any problems with drug tests. And needless to say, Dana doesn’t like being lied to. He also concluded another conversation with different media members today by saying, “I am not an Alistair Overeem fan at all.”

So what does this mean for Alistair Overeem and his future in the UFC? As Dana put it, “I don’t know… we’ll see what happens.”

  • http://twitter.com/Warriordave927 warriordave927

    I think the only reason Dana would keep him is the amount of money he could make of of him but who knows if he’s still as marketable now that he tested positive

    • Ed Lib

      It’s like Mark Hunt said, how can you say everything Reem has done in the sport is really legit? 

      • Matt Silliman

        You can’t say it’s Legit, because he might have been on Steroids.  What you can say is that what he’s done in this sport is entertaining….and this is an entertainment industry.  Although it’s not fair to the other fighters it’s fun for the fan to watch. 

        I think his future with the company depends on his conversation with Dana.  I’m sure they will have a sit down, and if Dana likes what he has to say then they will keep him. If Dana feels like he is being lied to again then bye bye Overeem.

        I hope they keep him, Roids or not, he still have great striking ability and a good ground game.  He’s fun to watch and a top HW.

        • http://profiles.google.com/highdollarstl Bill Schumer

          Might have been?  C’mon….why is everyone acting surprised?

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