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Former UFC Champ Frankie Edgar Impressed By Nate Diaz

Frankie Edgar has been around the sport of MMA long enough to know a solid performance when he sees one.

While witnessing the recent Nate Diaz-Jim Miller main event fight at UFC on FOX 3, “The Answer” came out with plenty to say in regards to Diaz and his submission victory.

Edgar, in an interview with Ariel Helwani for FUEL TV, has been inside the cage with Miller, scoring a decision victory back in 2006 before either fighter was in the UFC.

Nate is a stud, man. He’s kind of a teammate so I was happy for him. Man, it was a hell of a performance, it really was. Jim is tough as nails. I didn’t know what the outcome would be, but I definitely didn’t think Jim would get finished. Hats off to Nate. He’s a stud for sure.

Diaz vaulted himself into a position to contend for the UFC lightweight title, as UFC president Dana White confirmed he would take the next shot at the belt. Current plans call for UFC lightweight champ Benson Henderson to face Edgar, likely later this year, in a rematch of their encounter from Japan a few months ago.

The delay on the fight stems from a broken nose suffered by Edgar, so everything must be cleared before a date can be confirmed.

Photo credit: Esther Lin/MMA Fighting

  • Rb_

    Is it wrong for me to want edgar to get sidelined for a while so diaz can jump forward on the next title fight? It interests me a hell of a lot more than a rematch with edgar.

  • LeoLarios

    Let’s hope Edgar tears his acl as well.

  • warriordave927

    Edgar is one of the nicest guys in the world and you guys wish him harm so that a guy who acts like a douche can step in,and im the bad guy for disliking the diaz brothers

    • LeoLarios

      Awe did I hurt your feelings?
      I really don’t wish harm on Edgar. I really like the guy, but I’m tired of the rematches, the lightweight division is like a clogged toilet right now, and many fighters are trying to take a shit.

      • warriordave927

        Lol,that’s pretty funny but I just think its ret@rded that when i talk s*** about the diaz brothers its blasphemy yet when I defend Edgar I’m a pu$$y

        • Miranduh

          It is blasphemy. How can you hate Nate Diaz? The dudes a pimp. I can understand hating on Nick Diaz, but Nate’s different and in my opinion a better fighter. Not by far, but I think he relys less on frustrating his opponent than Nick. I mean, whatevs, you can hate who you want to, I just think he’s awesome.

          • warriordave927

            I’ve never said those dudes don’t have skills I think theyre some of the most talented fighters in they’re divisions and any hate from me stems from they’re taunts and s*** like getting in peoples faces and I get that’s part of they’re persona and some fans might like that,I prefer guys like edgar,bendo,Jim miller who usually let they’re actions speak in the cage rather than act like d bags

  • JDemon

    i thought the reason a remach between edgar and henderson would make sense was because the fight between diaz and miller was so far out.  its been a couple months and frankie and henderson remtch is no were in sight… WTF!!!.  quit giving frankie time with his tiny injuries and give nate the title shot.  i wouldnt doubt that dana is just giving frankie time to bulk up because dana all ready invested alot into him

  • Ed Lib

    If Diaz keeps that pace, he may pass easily by Pettis, and then get Edgar-Henderson winner..

    not that I dislike Edgar, but I think he could do a much more exciting bout against Aldo at 145.

  • warriordave927

    Maybe not the best place to ask but since nate vs pettis has been discussed,anyways has amybody heard a rumor that Eddie alvarez is fighting pettis at ufc 150

    • Dana Becker

       Alvarez has one fight or like 3-4 months left on his deal with Bellator….plus the matching period, so I doubt it could happen that fast. Plus, he can’t talk about a deal with the UFC while being signed to a Bellator contract.

      It would be an exciting match, however.

      • warriordave927

        Yeah I read it on Twitter and thought it would have been blown out of proportion by now,Ariel said the same thing about him having 3-4 months left,but I was curious if anyone else had heard about it

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