Feijao Tests Positive For Banned Substance Following Strikeforce: Barnett vs. Cormier

So much for that title fight with Mousasi.

Former Strikeforce light heavyweight champion Rafael “Feijao” Cavalcante has tested positive for a banned substance following his quick victory over Mike Kyle at last month’s ‘Strikeforce: Barnett vs. Cormier’ event.

As CSAC executive officer George Dodd confirmed with MMAFighting.com, Cavalcante was informed of his failed test earlier in the week, but has yet to respond. At this time, the fighter has been suspended for one year, and fined $2,500 by the athletic commission.

Ed Soares, who manages ‘Feijao’, claims his camp has sent out an official response to the CSAC, and will be appealing the decision.

  • http://twitter.com/Warriordave927 warriordave927

    Either zuffa or the commissions are gonna have to start testing before the fights,more than likely zuffa but maybe do it like 2 weeks before the fight in case you need a replacement,this would keep this from happening as often as it has been lately

    • Matt Silliman

      As much as I don’t want it to happen…harsher penalties is the best way to prevent this. 1st time is one year, second time you are done for good. That will wake people up. I hope it never comes to that but after a couple people aren’t allowed to get fight licensed, I bet fighters start thinking twice about using anything banned.

      If only they could get results back faster. They need a Zuffa lab where they can have the fighters go to and then have the results back within a day or two.

  • sandman

    Yes, I was just thinking about how ridiculous this is; it’s happening from one event to the next. Do these guys just think the chance of not getting caught is worth the risk??? 

  • Gus the Bus

    the problem is the fighter is able to fight with ped’s or banned substances and afterwards the tests will be revealed and what happens happens, while the danger of someone getting hurt seriously by “roid rage” is still not being prevented by current rules.  I dont know the answer and what should be allowed or not but the current system is not great for the sport.  I do believe with injuries happening so much now some sort of enhancements from modern day medicine could be administered in a safeway to allow these athletes to opportunity to fight more often without sitting out on the sidelines from injuries or suspensions (if the failed tests were from training camps not fight day)  and they are unable to make income.  Also noted is the fact that their opponents might not be taking any ped’s or enhancements so it is unfair competition wise.  One thing is so the athletic commissions havent figured out their own procedures and rules and who can do what and how the allowances are being handled.  The fact that the local Commissions are handling the tests and have disparities from one to another becomes another problem aswell, Chael Sonnen said it in CSAC that they are clueless basically and dont know what their own rules are sometimes.  Feijao might be just ano’ dummy and not worth this rant or defense of the problems we get when a fighter gets caught doing something he is not supposed to and we are now unable to watch them fight for the foreseeable future and we are just upset.

  • Matt Silliman

    I hope it’s not another…” I didn’t know what I was putting in my body” excuse. It’s irrelevant these days you should be suspended for using them and if you are too dumb or irresponsible to know what’s going in YOUR body then you should be suspended and forced to take some sort of health awareness class. With Ben Stine for the teacher.

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