Anderson Silva Owes Chael Sonnen For Everything He’s Going To Gain After UFC 148

UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva will go down in the MMA history books as an all-time great.

While many have faulted him for some of the title defenses he has had, the end result has always been the same: “The Spider” has his hand raised in victory.

His front-kick KO of Vitor Belfort was incredible. The one-punch knockout of Forrest Griffin was memorable. And His finishes of Dan Henderson and Rich Franklin made a name for himself.

But, only one man has been able to make people talk about Silva the way Chael Sonnen has.

Sonnen took Silva to the distance in 2010, leading on the scorecards before Silva locked in a triangle armbar that forced Sonnen to tap.

Since that meeting, Sonnen has continued his verbal warfare against Silva over two years. All of the talking against Silva, his country of Brazil, his fighting family and even his own family forced Silva into attack mode.

During a recent conference call, Silva was the aggressor, proclaiming he was going to break Sonnen’s arm, legs, face; leave him needing assistance to exit the Octagon.

This is an Anderson Silva that no one has likely seen. Sure, in the weigh-ins before fighting Belfort he donned a mask, but this is a screaming, yelling, fire-breathing Silva that the world will see unleashed on Saturday night in Las Vegas.

UFC 148: Silva vs. Sonnen 2 is going to present to the new generation of MMA what Rashad Evans-Quinton “Rampage” Jackson missed: passion.

Silva and Sonnen will not let a second go by inside the Octagon when one of them is not trying to finish the other.

This has all the makings of the biggest MMA event of the year. Yes, UFC president Dana White has tried drilling that into the head of everyone within hearing distance, but it’s true; especially after the Silva comments we’ve heard in the past few days.

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  • Steve

    This fight will be very interesting, but if it goes the distance I see Sonnen winning.. Silva needs to put Sonnen away if he wants to win..

    Anyhow, I’m rooting for Sonnen!! The American gangsta!

    • Matt Silliman

      I would have to agree, Anderson needs to finish this fight in the first 2 rounds. I doubt Sonnen will fall victim to another choke.

      • Bill Schumer

        Did you say that after the Maia fight too? What about Babalu? Horn? Griffin? Chael will always be suspect to being choked – it’s more likely to happen when you lay on someone and don’t advance position…

  • Scottm2929

    iv been anxiously awaiting this fight since (i think) august 7th 2010 but as it draws nearer i cant help feeling its not gonna live up to the hype and will be jones v rashad all over again! There’s to much pressure on both guys to win which means they might not perform freely. Every1 else sees Silvas outburst as making the fight interesting but reli all it shows us is after 2 and a half years of constant vurbal abuse the american gangster has achieved his goal and got inside the head of the Champ. Anyways cant wait to see how it unfolds WAR CHAEL!!!!!

  • sam_snee

    Part of me gets what you are saying, part of me is asking: what the hell are you talking about, and part of me sees that you are just not really saying much. What does Rampage-Rashad have to do with any of this? The title makes no sense with the story.

    • sandman

      Rampage/Rashad had a lot of hype leading up to the fight, but once it got time to get inside the cage it turned out to be a dud, round after round. The comparison is that we don’t want the talk to better than the action, as we’ve in other matches….

  • sam_snee

    Also, Sonnen is a racist. So, all you Sonnen fans are rooting for a racist who represents the part of america that brings the country a bad name to the rest of the world.

  • Bill Schumer

    Love the title! You can see Mr. Becker knows who will win Saturday…

  • Aaron_johnson425

    When did Anderson Silva finish Forrest Griffin with one punch? The fight that I saw ended after a steady accumulation of damage, and was punctuated with a light jab that gave Forrest just enough excuse to quit and end the embarrassment for the night. It was not a one shot KO by any means. Hell, it wasn’t even really a nice punch. He pawed at Forrest while backpedaling, and Forrest took the opportunity to escape with his life.

    I must need a new cable provider. Because I never see these fights and highlights everybody speaks of.

    But anyway, GO CHAEL! Chael might be a dick, but so are most of the Brazilians I’ve met. So it’s kind of a wash there.

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