Dana White Serves Up Opinion On Kongo-Jordan, Anderson Silva’s Next Fight, Michael Bisping, Others

UFC president Dana White gave members of the media another 20 minutes to discuss all subjects following this past weekend’s UFC 149: Faber vs. Barao card.

Among some of the most interesting topics were the Summer Olympics, Cheick Kongo-Shawn Jordan’s fight, when Anderson Silva will compete again, and Michael Bisping’s standing in the UFC middleweight division.

White said he isn’t too concerned with the UFC on FOX 4 card going up against the Summer Olympics:

The women’s soccer team, or basketball, or if (Michael) Phelps is swimming, or (Usain) Bolt is running, those certain things can be hard to compete with. But, other than that, I’m not sweating the Olympics.

On his disappointment from Kongo and Jordan, and if they need to be concerned about their jobs:

If they don’t know that they fought like (expletive), they should go get another job. Kongo looked scared to fight. He had a shitty performance, but he’ll be on another card with somebody.

On when we might see Silva in action again:

If I had to do a fight right now, I’d do the (Chris) Weidman fight. I haven’t talked to (Silva about his next fight yet).

When pushed further about Silva’s return possibly being this year yet, White said:

Maybe. Or right after (the beginning of the new year).

Bisping, who is set to face Brian Stann, claimed to be next in line with a big win. White offered up plenty of praise for the Brit:

Bisping’s right in there. Bisping is very underrated because people hate him. Without a doubt, he is one of the best 185 pounders in the world. An impressive wins gonna give somebody the title shot.

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  • MR Mitchell

    weidman already had the ” impressive win” needed to earn that title shot! just announce it already. What more does missy Dana want ? I hate it when this happens okay its breakdown time for what I meant on when this happens – 1.) Mark Munoz was titled as the top contender and with a win over Wiedman he was promised a title shot
    2.) Why doesnt the opponent of these title eliminators earn the same respect and position their opponents have coming into the fight & after ? 3.) The fight was impressive for Wiedman and his position coming into that night was just as high as Munoz hence the undefeated record, former opponent caliber, and he knocked Munoz out bad just silly ko 4.) Munoz had lost in the ufc yes okay at 205 vs Hamill via head kick that left mark out, he had some nice wins after that when he dropped to 185 but didnt finish guys that often. He hasnt faced the best of the division Bisping, Belfort, Sonnen, Wandy , Belcher, etc. He was hyped and showed similiar gameplan to defeat Silva as Sonnen did cuz of the wrestling pedigree but erase that out of the equation and what else does he have ? his striking is sub-par , jiu-jitsu is ? average or below, and his takedowns and ground n pound are his top skills. Chris Weidman has equal skill level wrestling , better striking as he exhibited, and his bjj has led him to finishes with the darce choke. I understand the love for Munoz and how he is viewed as a threat to his former training partner and champion Andy but cmon I will not understand how losing to a much better Chris Weidman means a win over the # 3 ranked MW at the time doesnt equal a title shot when guys in the very recent past have not done as much to get it. Take Vitor Belfort who earned his title shot outta fandom not merit with a win over gatekeeper Rich Franklin at 195 ! he didnt even fight anyone at 185 to get a title shot. So Joe Silva must of had to of seen the same respect in Wiedman as he did in Munoz to book that fight and around the same time as the champ was defending his belt vs Sonnen. So to Dana white if the All American was not worthy of a titleshot then when they made the fight then why have them fight each other ? if they valued Munoz that much more than Chris why make the fight ? We all know if Munoz had won he would be announced already of earning that title shot, and coming off an injury is a viable excuse cuz he looked slow outta shape fat, and didnt seem like the guy everybody expected him pegged to be. Weidman has done enought when you really look at it and break it down or if you just watch his last fight its enough, he finishes people when the last contenders were getting by on decisions. If one guy is on the cups of title talks and shots – the opponents should take that position with wins over them, and even more so when they finish the fight via sheer domination. Why do some guys hafta win like 9-10 fights in the UFC b4 they earn their right to face the champ of the division ? Jim Miller, G Sop, Dos Santos, Ellenberger, and many others have won more than 5-6 fights before even recieving an opponent that promises talk of being in the mix or next, yet Anthony Pettis won one fight vs Bendo adn was right in the discussion of WEC vs UFC but Jim Miller was winning fights before we knew the name Anthony Pettis. Even Bendo had less wins than Miller. Eventually even the best are gonna lose if you keep making them fight other contenders who themselves will lose if you play that game of roulette rather than keeping contenders ready to step into the promotional limelight and be ready for title fights every few months. Thats the goal of the promotion is make fights that mean something and nothing means more than a championship match even if its a top contender match. MUNOZ VS Chris was and should of been just that but i guess Lombard threw the wrench into that plan, and a 2-3 wins away B Stann vs Bisping ( coming off a L to Chael) are there as distractions to the Weidman win, Boetsch is good but c’mon top guy ? dont think so Belfort finally won at MW but hasnt done as much as Belcher to garner such respect in the UFC but a win over Wanderlei would of done him enough in many eyes to get it. WHY ?

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