Cain Velasquez Implies JDS Is Ducking Him

I’m not sure what’s taking so long to get this fight on the books. I doubt JDS would duck somebody he’s already beat, but it does seem odd. Especially since both men say that they’re healthy.

  • Andrew Rodriguez-Rodriguez

    lol sure, cain, sure, he beat you in under 3 minutes but hes ducking you RIIIIIIIIGHT

    • Bane

      lol you just sound clueless , it has been officially released junior doesnt want to face cain , there have been a few excuses and junior said he doesnt know why the fight isnt happening and then he says he doesnt want it haha that is tito ortiz 101 , ducking

  • LeoLarios

    Everybody can get a lucky a shot, for the most part of the 3 min. Cain was winning! Next time around Cain will destroy jds.


      If anyone was lucky it was Cain. Being famous for being KTFO in 64 secs is one hell of an accomplishment.

  • Kenneth Bell

    It makes perfect sense. If I knocked out a guy in 64 seconds on national tv and took his gold plated belt, I’d be ducking him too

    • Bane

      if cain is that easy of a fight for junior he would jump at the chance to face him again

  • Andrew Rodriguez-Rodriguez

    Cain couldn’t take him down how was he winning?

    • LeoLarios

      Landed more leg strikes and was the most active of the two up until the lucky punch that hit behind the ear. If you don’t understand point systems I suggest you do your homework.

      • zdrhzrj

        Now I get it.. Was he trying to see how many legs strikes he could land before being KTFO?

      • Ben Rage

        You’re making it seem like Cain was dominating JDS. Winning the fight? Hardly anything happened. They were both just feeling each other out. I don’t think it was luck. Does that mean that Cain can’t beat JDS? Of course not, Cain is an absolute beast. But saying someone doesn’t understand the point system because they don’t agree with you is ridiculous. Your opinion appears biased.

  • Andrew Rodriguez-Rodriguez

    Cain couldn’t take him down how was he winning?

  • Lian

    I don’t think he was talking about jds ducking him. More so the management stalling on making the fight official

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