UFC Tonight Crew Discuss Pound-For-Pound King In UFC

Chael Sonnen, Kenny Florian and Ariel Helwani were each posed a question during a recent episode of UFC Tonight.

That question centered around who is the best fighter in the UFC in terms of pound-for-pound.

Kenny Florian’s response:

“First we have to talk about the definition of a pound-for-pound champion. That is a guy who you can stick in any weight class and he will win….like Jose Aldo, a former opponent. This is a guy who I believe will beat anyone at every different weight class with his different skills and what he can bring into the Octagon.”

Chael Sonnen’s response:

“I agree with your definition, but, there is only one guy who actually covers 170 pounds being the world champion, 185 pounds being the champion, 205 pounds being the champion….and that is Dan Henderson.”

Ariel Helwani’s response:

“I can understand where Chael is coming from, but Kenny, I’m disappointed. There is only one guy who is the longest successful title holder, who has the most wins in UFC history, Anderson Silva.”

Photo credit: Esther Lin/MMA Fighting

  • http://profiles.google.com/highdollarstl Bill Schumer

    Anderson by far, but Jones should get there eventually.

    • Alleister

      Totally agree, Silva is by far P4P. I wish Jon Jones never gets there but he’s on his way

  • Matt Silliman

    I’m gonna go with Jon Jones. I think Anderson is a better technical striker, but Jones has the better tools physically ( height, reach, etc….). The difference for me is, Anderson has not been 100% dominate in all his fights. Hendo beat him up in the first round before he gassed, Sonnen dominated him for 4.5 rounds and then again for another round, Lutter beat him in the first round before gassing and getting submitted, Marquart beat was winning before he got caught, Maia took a couple rounds at the end of their fight.

    I’m not saying Anderson hasn’t been dominate, but that he has weakness and they have been exploited. Jon Jones on the other hand, has ran through every big name fighter at 205 with little difficulty. There hasn’t been any struggle or any signs of weakness in his game.

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