Jon Jones Says Fight With Lyoto Machida Is ‘Lose-Lose’ Situation For Him

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has a stern test in Dan Henderson set before him at UFC 151.

Recently, though, Jones was asked by ESPN about his thoughts on a rematch with Lyoto Machida. Jones defeated Machida late last year via second round submission.

Why would I want to fight someone where it’s a lose-lose situation? I won’t make money on it. I don’t want to fight Lyoto Machida. I don’t want to fight Lyoto again. Lyoto is high rise and low reward.

Machida was declared the next contender after he defeated Ryan Bader earlier this year. All four fighters who were competing to earn a shot at Jones are past victims of his.

Jones pointed to the numbers from his main event fight with Machida as a reason for not wanting to face him again, adding, “He was my lowest pay-per-view draw of last year.”

Recently, “Bones” made some waves by responding to comments fired off by Chael Sonnen. The former middleweight contender will fight at light heavyweight this coming December against Forrest Griffin and could work his way into title contention with an impressive victory.

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  • Ralf Kool

    easyyyy killer, lets see you get past hendo first….

  • Alleister

    Someone explain that greedy bastard what a lose-lose situation is because this is far from it.

    Lyoto pushed him in their first fight, here’s his chance to prove the fight wasn’t decided only by that elbow and that he really is the superior fighter, his chance to prove those 4 guys that he already beat are nowhere near catching up to him by defeating the best of them.

    With a win, he does all that, plus him wins money, it’s not like he’s gonna have to pay to fight.This is not a losing situation in my book. “I won’t make money on it”…yeah right, I’m sure he fought for free the first time around.

    If he thinks he’s too good to give Machida a rematch, that Nike endorsement really added to his already oversized ego, and in his next interview I’m sure he’ll say how humble he is…


    Hope Hendo KTFO of this s.o.b!!!!

  • warriordave927

    Agreed,worry about hendo first then think about a rematch with machida

  • rb_

    I few more wins and this guy will say anderson silva is a waste of time to fight, fucking christ.

  • mitchtiz

    Im sick of deez champs picking n choosing their fights, if youre the champion your job is to defeat all comers. Everyone deserves a chance to fight you, stay focused on who is in front of you right now-Dan Henderson. If he loses he will beg for a rematch, and DW will give it to him & im sure fans will ask for it too. The best thing for him after reading these comments by him will be for him to lose and be in the shoes of guys like Lyoto who by the way was a champion while Jon was just a random prospect far from where Machida was in the sport. And for titles to be dictated by money or ppv draws, is what boxing has become n why fans are turned off to it. MMA was better for that reason but now hearing fans n fighters complain makes me think we’re heading into that direction. Ben vs Frankie was a good fight and for some to say they are not big names is silly cuz they deserve respect for being atop their division n being involved in title matches. Exciting fights are a big reason we follow mma the bigger reason should be to find out who the best is ! not who will make said fighter the most money, if he thinks he has already determined himself the best than move up to Heavyweight or 185!! no fan wants to hear you talk about money or say you wont fighter another fighter bcuz of money, Say you’ll finish Machida so quick that fans will be foolish for not buying the ppv! Maybe he was the reason the first fight was a low draw or the rest of the card ? what a ego driven tool drinking his own kool-aid 2 much

  • Ben Rage

    I think Jon Jones is scared of Machida. I just can’t believe he said publicly that he doesn’t want to fight Machida again. I guess by saying he wants be the greatest fighter this sport has ever seen he means, greatest paid fighter this sport has ever seen.

  • sandman

    Is everybody forgetting that Jones has already fought and defeated Machida?!? To say Jones is scared is ridiculous and ignorant!!!

  • bullg

    Wow ignorant is being kind lol….Machida is a superb fighter like the rest of the mma top athletic fighters out there, they put there mind body and soul on the line wen they enter the octagon ….Jones has evolved very quickly in the highest recognized sport which is the ufc by fighting his ass off against the best of the best and beating them in high knock out fashion now he came across a fighter machida who has been a fighter from birth cause all his family has been fighters so he was raised in a fighters home and ya’ll knocking jones cause he didn’t beat him the way u think he should lol the man put a world class karate expert to sleep what more do u want to see ….ppl respect the game jones is not a normal fighter he’s obviously different like i said he has beaten the top world class fighters in fashion by submissions and knock outs and How old is he again yeah he ain’t normal ppl enjoy his fights cause it won’t last forever but while he’s the champ he gives us a good show ….

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