Dana White Doesn’t Hide His Emotions When It Comes To Greg Jackson

UFC president Dana White displayed his level of frustration for MMA trainer Greg Jackson during a special media conference call on Thursday when he announced that UFC 151 would be scrapped due to UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones not accepting a fight on short notice with Chael Sonnen.

Dan Henderson was forced to pull out of the fight due to a partially torn MCL.

White said Sonnen was the only fighter to accept the bout, but Jones came back and turned it down after talking with Jackson and the rest of his team.

“(Jones) said I gotta sit down and talk to my coaches. Greg Jackson says there’s no way you take this fight on eight days notice; it’d be the biggest mistake of your entire career,” White said. “Wow. Chael Sonnen is a 185-pounder who wants to move up, who hasn’t trained a day for this fight, yet he says he’ll fly (to Las Vegas Wednesday night) to fight the suppose pound-for-pound, third-best fighter in the world. How much faith do you have in your champion, your guy?”

White continued when asked to respond about comments made by Jackson during a radio interview being conducted at the same time. Jackson said he didn’t understand why White was so upset with the decision by Jones.

“I don’t give a (expletive) what Greg Jackson thinks,” White said. “Greg Jackson should never be interviewed by anybody ever again, except a psychiatrist.”

  • http://www.mmaconvert.com Steve Barry

    My favorite was when Dana called him a “f-ing sport killer” lol. Not that I agree but that was pretty funny.

    In all seriousness though, as lame as it is that Jon Jones turned down a fight with a middleweight, it’s really the UFC’s fault for having to cancel UFC 151, not Jones or Jackson. They’ve simply spread the talent too thin across too many shows. UFC 151 was super weak under the main event. They’ve lost main events before at the last minute but at least had some promotable fights to carry on with. Would have been the same here if they weren’t already spread so thin.

    • i like sexy time

      So true. The card is so crap without the main event it looks like a card they would put on in England!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000279978844 Panama Rosado

    Dear writer,
    I don’t mean to correct you but where you wrote in your last sentence, “….accept a psychiatrist.” It should be, “……except a psychiatrist.”.
    Accept means to receive.

    • Ben Rage

      If you didn’t mean to correct him then . . . why did you? That’s like saying, “I don’t mean to be a jerk, but you should never have been born.” Seriously? The whole spelling and grammar police thing is old.

      • Dana Becker

        Thanks Ben….guess it doesn’t count when you are trying to get info posted on a quick basis. I apologize for the errors, I really do. They bother me too, but sometimes, mistakes happen.

  • slinky323

    This seems fake….. I dont buy this crap.

  • http://www.facebook.com/donald.tepper Donald Tepper

    I agree with Steve. The championship fight would have been a good one, but looking at the rest of the card . . . . Probably would have been some good fights, but also certainly would have been a lot of not-so-good ones.
    Here’s a thought: Dana knows what a mess UFC 149 was. He couldn’t risk another potential stinker so close. He figured that Jones-Henderson would way overshadow some of the not-so-good fights. So he needed a headliner and that would have been Jones. But Dana was really just setting up Sonnen (who hasn’t been in a training camp for the fight). He figured, though, that with all of Sonnen’s trash talking (and acknowledging that Sonnen is good) that a Jones-Sonnen match would make the PPV numbers work. Jones, on the other hand, knew that he was in a no-win situation. The PPV numbers still would be weak. And why risk your belt on a fight you could possibly lose? Against someone HE hadn’t been preparing for, either. The risk/reward calculation just doesn’t work.
    If Dana had had any confidence in the rest of the card, he wouldn’t have cancelled UFC 151. He’d just have found new headliners. He already had Sonnen and presumably some of the others who’d turned down the opportunity to fight Jones would have been willing to fight Sonnen. It probably would have been a respectable main event. But Dana couldn’t risk it. Just remember: He was the one who pulled the plug.

  • diego

    fuck greg jackson he fucked up alot of fights that were going to be great

  • tiz

    In some ways this is a product of UFC not making the Hendo-Bones fight sooner. Instead of making Dan wait after the Shogun fight which was amazing and totally proved he deserved the titleshot. UFC instead made the Evans fight cuz of the promotional side of things yet it only delayed the Hendo fight which should of happened already. Plus Rampage one that didnt make alot of sense after his dull win over MattHamill. They could of been more organized and provided the best fight we fans wanted to see-Hendo. Bones Jones was one of the most active fighters in 2012 and as a champion it should be commended however once your the champ your sole duty is to fight whomever, whenever , however n wherever. Im getting fed up & sick of champs like Anderson n now Jon thinking just cuz they acheived the goal of being the champ that they now hav the majority say on their careers n others. You are only there to FIGHT not to make money doing anything other than fighting! Put yourself in all the other fighters shoes, guys who dream of being where youre at and even you dreamt of being the champ n would jump to the chance of getting there. NOw that they are there they seem to forget the importance of that, and to turn down fights or hand pick opponents when really the choices of challengers is shallow to begin with is nonsense. Whoever the fans want to see and the UFC want is who you need to fight, if that person is totally not worthy than okay tell us who is and we can move on but if you dont give any input and want a fight that is not available- that tells me you dont want to fight at all and simply want to enjoy the spoils of being champion without continuing to work n earn that right. Anderson accept the challenge from Chris Weidman cuz GSP has business to attend for the next year n a half at 170. Meanwhile you havent completely cleaned out the 185 division and have 5-6 guys ready right now to get one more win and fight for your belt. If Munoz would have won the UFC would of given him that top spot yet he lost to Okami and hasnt finished many fights at 185, he only stood out cuz Chael lost, Bisping lost, Stann lost, Okami lost, Belfort lost, and Belcher was hurt. I think too as promotion goes he is Philipino which could mean they felt he would sell in the hispanic community yet Weidman hasnt lost and has finished fights and looked good. He is young and has some to prove but to deny him purely on the fact that not many fans know his name ? cmon thats nonsense as a educated fan I know him and im sure most of you do too. This business side of MMA is detracting from the sport aspect, it cannot be truly considered a sport if important decisions are always made based on money. This mma game is designed to find out who is the best in the world today and tomorrow not yesterday or what somebody did years ago. What have you done recently and if the fans are not catching up and paying attention than thats their fault not the fighters.

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