UFC 151 Cancellation Announcement Conference Call Audio With Angry Dana White

Hear Dana White at his angriest in this special conference call to announce the cancellation of UFC 151.

  • True

    If Jones wants to be like anderson then he has to beat chael.

  • Logic

    somebody should of asked if Dana and UFC could of offered Chael vs Jones as a non title fight and maybe if that would of changed Jones’ mind since he seems afraid to lose his belt! He also must feel Chael doesnt deserve the opportunity and he doesnt want to give him this reward for talking n not working for it but really Chael does sorta deserve almost any fight, he is a top fighter and would still make that card popular. Jon Jones was rewarded with his belt from taking a short notice title fight against Shogun after Rashad Evans got injured. He was a recipient of situations like this, sure he had more time to get ready but if he won the belt from a situation just like this he shouldnt be blocking others from recieving the same chance. Did Dana call Shogun? Rashad? Gustaffson? and anyone remember Phil Davis saying he is a guy they call and accepts fight all the time, why not call MR Wonderful ? Phil would of accepted the fight and deserve it since he has put in work at 205 and was in a title eliminator fight before. How many fighters did DANA really call to fill in ? was Machida one of them or one of the first guys he thought of or since Chael talked his way into the discussion of possible future opponents did that make Dana think of him immediately ? after this it really proves the importance and benefits of marketing yourself as a fighter the same way Chael Sonnen does, hate him if you want to but cmon you cant deny his willingness to step up and into any fight with anyone. More fighters need to take notice and notes on how to be one of the guys Dana and Joe Silva can count on to be there when this stuff appears, and one of the guys the media talks about so the fans get to hear about what happens behind the scenes. If you want to be someone the UFC wants to call to replace another fighter than you need to make yourself known as A FIGHTER not a businessman. Jon Jones is in the doghouse and might not get out even if he remains succesful , this will be remembered and always haunt him. Damn I wanted to see Hendo get a titleshot finally and by the way I for one really hope he does get back soon healthy and still keeps his status of # 1 contender. He is one of the few that Bones hasnt beat or faced yet and he has the skills to actually defeat the kid. How many of you fans feel the same and if you do please twitter bomb Dana and let him know that we want to see Hendo fight for the belt as soon as he gets back! dont let Dana make us wait for that fight we want to see, or make Dan fight two-3 more times when he is the top challenger currently.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jon.scanlon Jon Scanlon

    Dana – you’ll regret what you’ve said here. Chael Sonnen has nothing to lose and everything to gain (almost at the end of his career, another major payday for him win or lose, another legend he’s faced before he retires) while Jon had *everything* to lose and no gain after a win. It’s his career – and he, not Dana, gets to call the shots on his own future. This was the UFC’s fault – not Dan’s, not Jon’s. If they want to protect their PPVs, they better get their under-card fights to a *much* higher level. People need to get real about Chael Sonnen too. He is a brilliant marketer, a great raconteur, and he wants another payday and yet *another* chance for his career. This is not some philanthropy he is following to the letter – Chael is a greedy son of a bi#ch and is doing everything he does for CHAEL. As is Jon. And Dan. And Dana, by the way.

    • Matt Silliman

      I doubt Dana will regret anything he said he. He often speaks off his emotions and rarely apologizes. I however, agree with Dana’s discust with Jon Jones. He talks about how great he is, and this is his chance to prove not only how good he is as a fighter, but as a person.
      I understand that taking a fight on 8 days notice is less than ideal, but if you don’t think he would have had an imidiate rematch in his contract then your crazy. Worst case seneraio is he loses then gets a rematch with plenty of time to prepare. With that being said, I wouldn’t say Sonnen had less to lose. If Jones destroys him, then Sonnen will likely never get another title shot at either weight class. Where as Jones would get a rematch right away.
      Also, I don’t understand why Jones needed more time to prepare for Sonnen, everyone knows exactly what Sonnen is gonna do. He doesn’t have a secret game plan or any fancy striking. He’s gonna come straight at you throwing punches to close the distance. Then he’s gonna shoot for a double and put you on your back. He isn’t faster than Rashad or Stronger than Rampage, He isn’t as technical with striking as Machida or as brutal as Shogun. This shouldn’t have been a difficult fight for Jones, assuming he is as good as everyone thinks. He would be in better shape, he’s bigger, stronger, and he has a huge reach advantage.

  • Ben Rage

    I’ve thought about this and I have to agree with Dana. Jon Jones has indirectly cost the company a butt load for the cancelled event. Jones miscalculated here and I’m guessing it has more to do with listening to Greg Jackson. We’ll see what happens but I’m assuming this decision will end up haunting Jon Jones in the near future.

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