Vitor Belfort Very Happy To Be Taking On Jon Jones

Vitor Belfort was willing to do what Lyoto Machida and Mauricio “Shogun” Rua were not.

Thanks to that, Belfort will be the one to challenge UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones at UFC 152 for the title.

Belfort was originally set to face Alan Belcher in a key middleweight contest in Brazil, but will take the shot at a UFC title instead.

I just finish the call with my boss (Lorenzo Fertitta and Dana White) I want to thank booth for put me in where a lot of guys are acting like divas I think this is a big challenge for any fighter that is alive on the game I thank God to provide me with this Blessing 2 fight the youngest champion we will face each other I have all the respect for Jones thats why u can`t miss this competition a vintage and hy-tech fight Glory to Jesus also happy for all the fans I will not let no one down I come from the times of (Carlson Gracie) He live inside of me I learn so much thing with him and (Al Stankie).

Belfort was unable to dethrone UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva last year, falling in the first round. Since that time, he has earned two straight victories.

“The Phenom” is a former UFC light heavyweight champion and winner of the UFC 12 Heavyweight Tournament.

  • Ben Rage

    I’ve actually heard a lot of people in the mma community defending Jon Jones’ decision to not take the Sonnen fight. I’ve heard people say it’s a high risk low reward situation for Jones; I don’t agree and here’s why for whatever it’s worth.

    First off the premise that Sonnen has nothing to lose is absurd. Sonnen has everything to lose. What happens if Sonnen gets smashed to bits by Jones? I say any excitement about him moving up in weight gets deflated. His viability as a contender is gone, probably for good. Does Sonnen facing anyone in the light heavyweight division sound as enticing, knowing that no matter the outcome, Sonnen has no chance to ever be champion? Uh, no.

    Secondly, the idea that there’s a low reward for Jones is simply not true. Sonnen is a dangerous opponent who nearly dethroned the best fighter this sport has ever seen once upon a time. I do have the luxury of looking at this in hindsight, but I think Jones’ reputation would have, in the long term, risen to new heights. Imagine Jones remains undefeated in the next four years, and Dana looking back saying things like, “Jones never refused a match with anyone, and took on all comers; hell, he took on Chael Sonnen with only a week to prepare!” See what I mean?

    Taking risks is what sets a person apart. Playing it safe can sometimes be the exact wrong thing to do.

  • booooo

    Vitor fight sucks

  • Bobby

    I don’t know why they keep trying to throw in these middleweights with Jones instead of giving a true light heavy a chance, like
    Alexander Gustafsson. I realize he doesn’t have the name that Sonnen or Vitor has, but at least he’s a legitimate contender in the right weight division.

  • mitchtiz

    is this a joke ? Did someone prank call Vitor? Why ? Poor Alan Belcher and Poor ME cuz I wanted to see that fight and a possible MW title contender could have been created from that fight. Now what Belcher vs Weidman ? good fight but id rather see both get shots at Anderson Silva not just one of em.

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