Greg Jackson Justifies Jones’ Choice

Greg Jackson talks with Ariel Helwani about UFC 151 and its cancellation.

  • 151

    He just made up excuses. Fact is Jones was going to fight chael he said no and now he is fighting vitor… easy fight much? ( I hope vitor brings the best out of him )

  • michtiz

    i was hoping ariel would ask the question we have all been thinking- why focus so much on the negative of this whole 3 days to prepare idea? wasnt Jones in shape from a full training camp previous to those 8 or (3) days ? How can he realistically compare Lyoto to Jon when Lyoto wasnt trainig for a fight on sept 1st ? Lyoto wasnt contracted to fight or even train for a fight yet not untill da aftermath of the ufc 151 title fight. What he is blatently leaving out is that he and his camp were working to prepare Jones to fight a 205er on Sept 1st – Hendo and Chael are not that different (southpaw, lesser striking skills, lesser bjj defense) and even if they are the difference of the two gives advantages to Jones not Chael- my point is if a fighter as talened as Jones was training and in fight shape to face a fighter like Henderson then how is it unreasonable to think that the training for a lesser caliber fighter like Sonnen would require more time ? How much strategy is really needed ? cant that be said on the airplane towards Vegas or even after on the car ride towards the venue ? simply tell him to stop the takedowns, outsrike him, pick him apart on the feet n work for a ko or tko, or even more simple – Take him down or if you get takendown U ONLY HAFTA SECURE ONE TRIANGLE ATTEMPT AND WALLA YOU WILL MORE THAN LIKELY SUBMIT MR SONNEN. How he forgets to mention that Jon was in shape to fight from a full training camp when neither Lyoto, Shogun, or even if Chael knew about Dans injury – chael wouldnt be able to get into the shape Jon was already in. IF a fighter as good as Jones is with months of training to not be able to compete and defeat another fighter thats not on his level- seems absolute nonsense. Hard to agree with, also having Kyle Noke, Henry Martinez with fights on the line at 151 and to not even discuss it with them or factor in those other fighters that depend on him towards Jones decision only shows his true nature – Jones is his biggest star and those guys dont matter enough to him in comparison. And yes Greg obviously realizes that fans are not feeling Bones cuz of all the contradicted statements he made about ” ufc doesnt need to worry about me ever getting a DUI” or ” UFC never needs to worry about me turning down fights” And Fans & Dana get upset when you advise fighters like Clay Guida or Carlos Condit to run away from the opposition the entire 5 rounds of a fight which ariel shoulda mentioned. He is a nice guy but his master strategies are not winning with the fans or ufc brass and that is why some refer to you killing the sport. Cowboy, Jones and Erick Silva are only exciting cuz they listen more to Winkeljohn not Greg or the two of three are not champs yet or in a title fight situation so once they are there like Clay n Carlos were – thats when Greg will imploy his Fight not to lose strategy instead of letting those guys just scrap and use their skils to dominate.

  • Seriously?

    So dana is making up excuses but GREG JACKSON JUSTIFIES his actions… Fuck off jones made his decision stop making excuses.

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