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Paul Heyman Compares Adding Brock Lesnar To UFC Hall Of Fame To That Of Charles ‘Mask’ Lewis’ Induction

Paul Heyman, a close friend and co-worker with Brock Lesnar, made some interesting comments recently when he said that Lesnar deserves to be inducted into the UFC’s Hall of Fame.

Heyman caught a lot of flack from the MMA world for his comments, so he tried to clarify them in an interview with Bleacher Report.

Charles Lewis – Mask – deserves to be in the UFC Hall of Fame, and he never competed in a single fight inside the Octagon. By that same criterion, if for not other reason than the fact UFC was dramatically changed by his participation, Brock Lesnar is a first ballot Hall of Fame inductee into the UFC Hall of Fame.

Heyman believes the honor is given out to those that make an impact on the sport, something Lesnar did in a short amount of time. Other members of the HOF include Randy Couture, Tito Ortiz, Chuck Liddell and others.

The UFC Hall of Fame is about impact on the sport. It’s akin to Time Magazine’s Man of the Year. His numbers still can’t be touched (in terms of PPV buys).

So, does Lesnar deserve to be a future member of the UFC’s Hall of Fame?

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  • Maverick Maddox

    If anyone says “No, he doesn’t deserve to be in the hall of fame” they’re clearly letting their dislike for pro-wrestling influence their decision. Fact of the matter is, Brock Lesnar ushered in a new generation of fans. Some have probably stopped watching now that he’s gone, but it’s hard to ignore the correlation between Brock Lesnar’s rise in MMA in 2008-2009 and UFC’s slow but steady shift to mainstream. He’s not the sole entity responsible, but he largely contributed.

  • awwaters

    Who cares?! Dude was 5-3 no major wins… the only thing he did for the sport was bring over some dumb wwe fans who aren’t likely to stick around.

    • quardy

      Huh? He won the HW belt on his 4th match. Defeat two former HW champions. Successfully defended his belt twice. Defeated a Hall of Famer. Diverticulitis ended his career.

      • awwaters

        He beat Min Soo Kim(who?) Randy Couture (a natural 205er and 40+ years old) Heath Herring (who retired after this fight) Split a wins with Frank Mir which is the best win of his career and Shane Carwin ( a fight Carwin should have won) That’s it Brock’s career in a nutshell. He got a title shot with a 2-1 record, he was an overhyped, undertrained, overprivelaged fighter that took advantage of a weak heavyweight division at the time. I do not doubt his athletic ability and the attention he drew to the sport but I think his accomplishments in no way measure up to the guys who are in the hall of fame.

  • sam_snee

    Brock deserves it. Nice piece Dana, no errors at all. Kudos

    • Dana Becker

      Thanks Sam!

  • Bill Schumer

    No way, and not because of my dislike for pro wrestling. Let’s be real, we’re talking the Hall of Fame. He was 5-3 with big wins and losses to top guys; not so bad considering Randy Couture is 19-11, and BJ penn has the same type of record. But it’s also just 8 fights. Yes, he beat 2 former champions, but 1 he lost to one of them the first time they fought and the other was 45 years old and 60 lbs smaller. He beat Shane Carwin only because Shane quit in the 2nd after dishing out a complete ass whoopin’ the first round. Cain and Allistair both just made him look silly. I just don’t think he is Hall of Fame material unless he comes back, beats Fedor in the Octagon and strings together some big wins – including a top 3 heavyweight…none of which will ever happen.

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