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UFC 153 Results And Recap

In the main event, Anderson Silva tries to stay perfect in The UFC and takes on Stephan Bonnar.

In the co-main event, Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira matches up against foe Dave Herman.

Glover Teixeira sets up for a war with Fabio Maldonado.

Jon Fitch returns to action facing Erick Silva.

Phil Davis goes at it with Wagner Prado again.

Rick Story fights with fellow welterweight Demian Maia.

Rick Story vs.  Demian Maia:

Round 1.

Maia rushed Story and immediately took him down. Maia held Story down and smoothly transitioned into full mount. Maia then rolled to take Story’s back, and he landed a few punches to soften him up. Maia then crushed Story’s face with a rear naked/neck crank. Maia applied so much force to Story’s face that blood poured from his nose. Rick tapped; Maia took home a win (D. Maia def. R. Story via submission (choke) at 2:30 of round 1.)

Phil Davis vs. Wagner Prado:

Round 1.

The two men began with typical feeler punches, and they both seemed reluctant to engage. Davis engaged first with a failed take-down, and Prado returned with a headed kick that partially landed. Davis ducked a punch and scored the fight’s first take-down. Davis switched to Prado’s back and held position with an over-under. Davis then landed several blows to Prado’s face, and began to wear Prado down. To the crowd’s dismay, Davis continued to pound away at Prado’s body and head. They stood up briefly, but Davis got his third take-down of the round. MMAConvert Score: 10-9 Davis

Round 2.

They touched gloves and began with feeler shots. Prado looked slower, as he may have gassed slightly while defending Davis’ wrestling attack from round 1. Davis took Prado down, and Wagner moved his back into the cage where Davis landed a few blows.  The two men stood, and Prado scored a good kick. Phil closed the distance and threw Prado on his back. Prado spun and began to push his feet off the cage, but Davis hopped to half guard. Davis’ ground superiority became evident and he sunk in an arm triangle, but miraculously Prado escaped, but Phil perfectly moved to an anaconda choke and put Prado away. (P. Davis def. W. Prado via submission (choke) at 4:29 of round 2.)

Jon Fitch vs. Erick Silva:

Round 1.

Silva started by faking a few kicks from his wide karate stance, and Fitch jumped in for a take-down, but while doing so Fitch ate a crushing knee to his sternum. As they scrambled, Fitch took Silva’s back and Erick stood as Fitch clung on to his back. Fitch landed many hard shots to the side of Silva’s head. Silva shook Fitch off his back, and they traded a few shots and Silva landed a big right and pushed Fitch into the cage. Silva landed a half-hearted spinning kick to Fitch’s stomach. Jon tied up and drug Silva down, but he stood immediately. Fitch pulled him down yet again, but time expired. MMAConvert Score: 10-9 Fitch

Round 2.

Fitch damaged Silva early with an upper-cut and followed with a take-down, but Silva perfectly sweeps Fitch, and they returned to their feet. Silva came away with the better part of that exchange. Fitch gruelingly pushed Silva back into the cage wall, and the crowd booed in response.  Silva moved around Jon and sunk in a solid rear naked. Fitch used every bit of his might to defend and stunningly escaped a seemingly flawless choke. Silva did maintain position and kept Jon’s back.  Jon rolled right and sunk in a great arm-bar, but Silva rolled out well, and the round ended. MMAConvert score: 10-9 Silva

Round 3.

Fitch took Silva down as soon as the round started, and he landed crushing shot after shot on the downed Silva. Fitch then lost his grip and Silva pulled Fitch into a guillotine, but Fitch escaped again. Fitch got back on top and began wearing Erick down with wide punches from his back. Punch after punch found their mark as Fitch flattened a tired Erick Silva out and opened up from full mount. Erick just laid there as Fitch dropped shot after shot on Erick’s face. Erick was visibly broken, and time expired. J. Fitch def. E. Silva via decision (unanimous) (29-28, 29-28, 29-28).   MMAConvert Score: 10-8 Fitch

Glover Teixeira vs. Fabio Maldonado:

Round 1.

Glover landed a solid left hook that began a flurry that sent Fabio to the mat. Glover moved into full mount and landed a pair a nasty elbows. Glover landed a few wide open looping rights that damaged Fabio and opens up a cut, but it couldn’t be clearly seen where the blood was coming from. Glover moved into an arm-triangle, but Fabio hung on for dear life, and he lived to fight on. Glover returned to full mount and brought the pain as he reigned down punishment from above. Glover let Fabio up, and Glover tees off on Fabio, but somehow Fabio landed two crushing shots on Glover’s chin and Glover took Fabio down in response.  MMAConvert Score: 10-9 Teixeira

Round 2.

Teixeira took Maldonado to the mat only 10 seconds into the second round, but Maldonado stood back up. Glover landed a punch or two and took it back to the mat. Glover moved to half guard and landed more shots on his way to side control. The two slowed as they were tired, and that allowed Maldonado to pull Glover back into half guard. Glover continued his assault with elbows hammer fists and punches. The attack slowed and they stand the men up, but the doctor came in to inspect Maldonado’s beaten face, but chose to allow the fight to go on. Glover landed a right hook upon the fight’s start. Glover flurried and landed, but the round ended.  MMAConvert Score: 10-9 Teixeira

Round 3.

The Doctor stopped the fight in between rounds. G. Teixeira def. F. Maldonado via doctor stoppage at 5:00 of round 2.

Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Dave Herman:

Round 1.

Herman opened up immediately with a knee, and followed with a take-down. Herman allowed Nog to get back up though. Herman landed a nice short right on Nog’s face, and a frustrated Noguera pushed Dave into the cage and worked some dirty boxing. Herman went low with a solid low kick and scored an easy shot. Nog returned the favor with his own kick. Nog seemed slightly sluggish; his movements weren’t fluid, and he seemed off. The two literally just stood in the center of the cage for about 15 seconds and proceeded to walk around with out significant engagement. Herman mockingly stood still and starred at Nog with a dopey grin on his face as the bell rang. MMAConvert Score: 10-9 Nogueira

Round 2.

Nog slapped Herman’s hands away and landed a huge right that sent Herman flying backward and to the mat. Nog mounted and went for an Americana, but then rolled to an arm-bar attempt. Herman luckily escaped and the men stood up. Herman slung Nog to the mat, but he got stuck in half-guard. Herman stood up again and moved away from a punching Big Nog. Nog moved in and took Herman down and went right into another arm-bar attempt, and after rolling for a bit, Nog tapped him with an arm-bar. A. Nogueira def. D. Herman via submission (arm-bar) at 4:31 of round 2.

Anderson Silva vs. Stephan Bonnar:

Round 1.

Bonnar ran out and tried to swarm Silva, but none of his shots really landed. The rush ended with Bonnar pushing Silva into the cage. Bonnar worked some dirty boxing briefly and clinched up. Anderson reversed and clinched Bonnar up. Bonnar stayed close and missed shot after shot. Anderson taunted Bonnar by standing with his hands flat at his side while he weaved through Bonnar’s attack. Silva tripped Bonnar and landed a huge knee as Bonnar fell. Silva swarmed and finished his injured foe. A. Silva def. S. Bonnar via TKO (strikes) at 4:40 of round 1.


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