Ed Soares Feels Anderson Silva-GSP Super-Fight Needs To Happen

It appears more and more people are lining up in the direction of a super-fight between UFC champions Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre.

Ed Soares, the manager for Silva, said on Inside MMA recently that he believes GSP is the next viable opponent for “The Spider.”

Of course, that means St-Pierre needs to get past Carlos Condit next month and unify the UFC middleweight title.

People argue back and forth who the greatest pound-for-pound fighter in the world is. Some people say Anderson, some people say Georges St-Pierre. I think the way to settle it is to do a catch-weight at 177.5, right down the middle and see what happens.

Silva (33-4) earned his 16th consecutive UFC victory earlier this month, stopping Stephan Bonnar. St-Pierre (22-2) has been on the sidelines due to knee issues since early in 2011.

  • Leolarios

    George is too scared! He’s recently mentioned there is still top viable contenders at 170 he needs to fight. Reading between the lines this is how I interpret that ” I’m a scared French Canadian little girl, and I’ll never fight Anderson, never!”

  • Leolarios

    George is too scared! He’s recently mentioned there is still top viable contenders at 170 he needs to fight. Reading between the lines this is how I interpret that ” I’m a scared French Canadian little girl, and I’ll never fight Anderson, never!”

    • Alex

      That’s because he’s half Anderson’s size you moron. The only time GSP should fight Anderson is if Anderson can drop down to 170. If Anderson had any balls he’d fight Jon jones (who’s got the same size advantage over him as he does over GSP) but of course Anderson will not take a fight with a bigger guy unless he’s fighting a complete dud (eg Bonnar). Grow some balls Anderson & fight Jon Jones. That’s the super fight we want to see!

  • Truf

    Quick Correction: fight is to unify the welterweight title.
    Also, he is only angling for this fight so hard because its the safer road to travel. Instead of fighting at a more comfortable weight in moving to lhw to face jones he is willing to give up weight in a hard cut to have the size advantage over a recently returned fighter for the purpose of trying to steal fans and remain in the limelight. Although the weight would be easy for GSP to make the fight doesn’t make sense. GSP has nearly nothing to gain but the fact he beat silva which would quickly be disputed as a fluke due to the drastic weight cut of silva (guessing at future article headlines). GSP fans are loyal and won’t be swayed to leave or stay fans based on this fight, these is no upside. Honestly I think GSP would win the fight being a true student of the game would be able to play on weaknesses sonnen exposed, but he also isn’t an idiot. No upside with plenty of contenders lined up in welter with the eventual return of diaz, kampman etc.
    Short and sweet: fight won’t happen, and it isn’t because GSP is scared, just too smart.

    • Alex

      Different take but nice!

  • Aaron_johnson425

    Why is everybody so excited about a fight that is never, ever going to happen? It won’t happen. Ever. Ever. EVER. GSP has said dozens of times that he isn’t going to fight Anderson. But for some reason, the idiots on the internet and in the MMA media just aren’t understanding this. And they keep hyping this fight like it might happen. Even though it never will. Just drop the subject and stop discussing it, BECAUSE IT IS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN. This isn’t me speculating. This is what GSP has already told you. One more time for anybody out there who might be slow: THESE GUYS ARE NEVER GOING TO FIGHT.
    And even if they did, Anderson would win. GSP won’t be able to push Silva around like he does to these welterweights. If GSP can get Silva down, do you think he’ll be able to hold him there for 5 rounds without getting hit? I sure don’t. it didn’t work for Sonnen, and Sonnen is much bigger than GSP. It definitely won’t work for GSP.
    Anderson wants this fight because it’s an easy fight for a HUGE paycheck. That is the only reason. It would be the biggest payday in MMA history. Do you honestly think Silva wants to fight GSP to gain fans or stay in the limelight? Get real. He has plenty of fans already and he’s one of the biggest names in all of sports.
    It comes down to this: He’s getting old, he’s going to retire in a few years, and he wants a big paycheck on the way out the door. And there is no bigger paycheck than a GSP superfight. It’s common sense.

  • Truf

    Agree with everything but the winner of the fantasy match that is never going to happen. Sonnen is less than a one dimensional fighter. GSP has a highly defensive striking game and his mental strength should never be discounted. Even if it went the way of a 5 round snooze fest GSP would end up with the win.

    • Aaron_johnson425

      Since when has “defensive striking” ever worked against Silva? GSP’s “defensive striking” means jab and run. That won’t work against Anderson Silva.

  • ugetabeatdown

    I doubt GSP could beat Jose Aldo and that’s the fight I would like to see.GSP would get jabbed,kicked,and kneed into submission with Silva,you have got to be joking that isn’t even a fight

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