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Other UFC Fighers Don’t Feel Bonnar And Herman’s Actions Are Good For MMA

Most other pros seem highly unimpressed that Bonnar tested positive for performance enhancing drugs after UFC 153.

  • rb_

    I should just scrap the anti-marijuana, it doesn’t help fighters, it doesn’t make them stronger, if anything if they smoke to much it will lower there endurance, it’s just pointless to suspend someone for it, I don’t care about dave herman being suspended cause he fights like a goof but people like nick diaz who many people want to see fight it sucks.

  • mitch-o

    yeah the athletic commissions should soley focus on steriods & trt issues. Marijuana is illegal in the us which is the real problem and it seems to be that way only for the money that comes from locking users up in prisions which is a huge money maker. Private prisons are owned and operated by mostly upper class & if they legalized weed than most of that prison population would be back in the streets which they probably will be anyways cuz its silly to arrest pot users when there so many worst crimes being committed that the police,dea,fbi,& other agencies should focus on instead of weed. Rapes, murders, attempted homicide, domestic assaults, burglaries & theft should be why prisons are operating & having full capacity yet its mostly full of drug users with simple possesion arrests. Plus the religious people fund our presidents to be againt drugs here in america yet all of them are alcoholics & way worst than some1 who smokes pot. Politicians get caught all the time using prostitutes when they have wifes. If they threw out the marijuana issue made it legal & made gay marriage legal then what would these president debates be about ? just the economy when next to nobody knows anything about the economic system anyways. Now back to MMA & sports if the fighters could build a union like other major sports have then they can come together on issues like these – but how many will be sticking up for steroids or TRT ?? and I bet alot of them will agree that marijuana shouldnt be on the list of banned substances even if they dont use they realize that their opponent using weed weeks before the fight doesnt increase that persons chance of winning !! they would welcome the pot use and even send that fighter some free squeef. Look at the NBA which is dominantly a young african american dominated sport and how many players were getting tested and caught with marijuana in their system to the point where the players union asked for weed testing to stop and not be involved in the testing process. They all came together and agreed that smoking some weed in the offseason shouldnt make them suspended for the upcoming season and the commish David Stern is a smart business man who decided if he enforced the drug testing than pretty much all the best players and over half the league would be inelligable to play!! former NY KNICKS pf Charles Oakley said about 5 yrs ago that over 80-90% of the current players in the NBA were using Marijuana now that doesnt mean that all of them are using n abusing the drug during the nba season , its probably just recreational use during their offtime. The mma fighters need to bargain with the UFC and agree that Marijuana shouldnt be a suspendable offense just simply make it a fine like missing weight is. Or give em community service hah, Also Dave Herman & Nick Diaz were tested positive for Marijuana Metabolites which means that its only a trace of past marijuana use – So basically they didnt fight HIGH on Mary Jane !! they must of used in the past few weeks or a month although both guys are active and work out alot so theyre sweating,drinking water and flushing it out their systems. MaryJane stays in your system for a long time compared to other drugs like alcohol or Cocaine. If you use coke over the weeekend you can flush your system clean in a few days and its gone but not with weed that shit stays in you for a long time unless you use once and then stop but if your using consecutive days than its gonna stay longer. So just cuz Pee Wee or Diaz had it in their system doesnt mean that they were fighting under the influence of weed !!! I wonder if they tested them beforehand what would of happened cuz Stephan Bonnar wouldnt be allowed to fight with steroids in his system!! That would of pissed off Dana & Lorenzo and made the main event not happen unless someone clean stepped up. Thats the best measure the UFC or Fighters of fans or commissions can do is prevent any athlete from fighting under the use of Steroids or TRT. If they test them before the fight then they can hopefully get the results back before the event and know who’s using and who should not be allowed to compete !!! bcuz stoppping guys from doing steroids or drugs isnt a easy way or simple method to perform, its hard to know what people are doing and stop them from doing it. But if they surprised them with a test before the fight then they can weed out the Users from potentially seriously hurting their opponent with enhanced strength. Yes I know steroids dont make a fighter better or make Barry bonds hit homeruns cuz it takes skill, eye hand cordination, and years of repititon to get good at anything but once your good at something and you add a boost of strength or endurance then you can be better with the use of steroids.

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