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Carlos Condit On How He Will Defeat Georges St-Pierre At UFC 154

Carlos Condit took part in the post-fight show for UFC on Fuel TV 6 Saturday, just days ahead of his scheduled encounter with Georges St-Pierre.

Condit and St-Pierre will collide Saturday at UFC 154 to unify the UFC welterweight crowns. Condit earned the interim title earlier this year when he defeated Nick Diaz.

“The Natural Born Killer” was posed a question he has been asked countless times in press conferences and interviews: how are you going to defeat GSP?

I am really going to have to draw on my toughness and those things and assets that I think are overlooked.

Condit mentioned that he has been focusing on wrestling during his extended training camp, adding, “(GSP) has taken down a lot better wrestlers than me. What separates my ground game from other guys in the past is I incorporate a lot of striking.”

The 28-year-old former WEC champion has reeled off five consecutive victories since a split decision defeat at the hands of Martin Kampmann back in 2009. Three of those wins came via finish, as he stopped Dong Hyun Kim, Dan Hardy and Rory MacDonald.

Photo credit: Dave Mandel/Sherdog

  • mitch-o

    he never fought Fitch, Koscheck,Hendricks, but 5 str8 is good however LW’s like Jim Miller, G Sots, and some others have won more than 5 in a row and didnt recieve any titleshots. Now some reasons are that the 155 title was clogged up with immediate rematches cuz of close fights & bad judges scoring those fights- Like the bad judging involved in Carlos’ fight vs Nick Diaz but doesnt matter cuz Nick was suspended afterwards. If you make a fighter like Jim Miller keep having to fight against top 5 opponents then eventually that guy is going to lose cuz at that level facing top 10 opponents is tough to stay at the top. Jake Ellenberger is a guy who won like 5 straight aswell and then ran into a loss against Martin Kampmann, but if he wins atleast two in a row against top level competition he should be right back there as a thank you from the ufc for sticking with it and keep fighting instead of taking time off and waiting untill you can step into a title fight when the picture is clear again and GSP is back n healthy. But then you look at guys like Brock Lesnar who jumped the shark and many legit Heavies who put in much more work in mma & ufc careers to earn his title fight vs Randy probably cuz Randy was welcomed to that challenge aswell as Dana & co. who saw the $$$ it could stir up. Anderson Silva only had to win once in the ufc and he only beat Chris Leben who at the time sure was a top 10 guy maybe ? But did fans really know who he was like they did with Lesnar ? no and if they looked him up they saw him lose to Ryo Chonan in one of his most high profile fights in Pride, yet he did have a great battle with Lee Murray in cage rage, his incredible KO of Tony Fryckland with a backwards upper-Elbow ! that one was and still is one of the most incredible impressive Knock outs ever and if you havent seen it look it up and find it. But this begs the question of what is the standard protocol for recieving a title shot ? Jon Fitch made some good points about being marketable means more than how many fights youve won and who those wins are over – yet Fitch is like the most boring fighter ever and he didnt look like he was capable of defeating GSP when he got there. I believe it shouldnt matter if youve lost to the champ before cuz you still might be the best challenger to that champ regardless if he beat you once before. Infact who’s to say the second fight would go exactly the same as before ? the champion might take the fight lightly n be too confident he can repeat his performance resulting in a loss to a guy like Fitch or Koscheck. Is it mostly the fans dont want to see that rematch so soon ? that shouldnt matter so much but it does cuz those fights are always platformed on PPV events and the real importance isnt to see who’s the best but how much money does that matchup make from pay per view buys !! sport ? no its a spectacle and a private run business very unlike the nfl,nba, or mlb. shame

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