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Diego Sanchez Goes Off On Nick Diaz Via Twitter

Diego Sanchez owns a victory over Nick Diaz, having topped him back in 2005.

Well, after Diaz made a comment that he wasn’t impressed with Georges St-Pierre’s victory over Carlos Condit, Sanchez decided to make a few comments via Twitter.

Sanchez offered up his remarks on the performance put on by both GSP and Condit, saying it was a great bout.

  • Logic

    This guy’s kinda washed up at this point unfortunately.

  • Jens Rahm

    i would definately watch this fight

  • mitch tiz

    what ? Diego still brings it and if he can figure out what weight he wants to be at while having a great camp and traniing partners to work with , then he will be right back into the top 10-5 of either divison Lightweight or welter. I like that he is calling out Nick even though if push comes to shove Im more a Diaz fan of his style but still respect the shit outta Diego man, and his intensity or will to win is as impressive as Nick Diaz which makes this rematch one that Nick has been outspoken about saying – he was young then and didnt understand that if he worked from his back the majority of the fight then the judges wouldnt reward that but since some judges do give some credit to guys on bottom attempting subs , throwing more strikes or transisitoning more frequent then the top guy. But that is rare in mma judging as most value the takedown and guy on top rather than who is being more busy and threatening the other the most while doing damage and being the closest to ending the fight. Sub attempts should be valued as strikes if they come real close then its like getting rocked or wobbled. But its a very open opinion aspect in judging that should be addressed and fixed so fighters know whats the best route to winning fights. What are the judges looking for to score to determine who the winning fighter is. Diego did outwork Nick or keep him busy while being the one taken the fight to the ground and staying in more dominate positions while landing good groun n pound, next time around I think Diaz has improved on his ground attacks and could catch Diego with an armbar, triangle, or sweep to get on top and finish the fight. great fight as both are incredible competitors but is Sanchez near Nick in the rankings ?? would a fight vs Diego put Nick where he needs to be to finally face GSP ?? from hearing Georges it sound as if he is already allowing Nick to step in as future opponents without winning a fight since his loss to Condit.. so he needs to beat someone and a top guy would shut haters up (most notable a wrestler!!) Koscheck would be a better opponent for Nick in terms of title contention since most guys, fans, UFC, believe if you beat him you are ready to be thrown in there since Kos is where Fitch was the past years – being a guy who already lost to GSP by domination so no rematch is foreseen or wanted in the near future but still both guys are maybe the next best behind GSP. I think Kos is dangerous for Nick cuz he could just out wrestle him like he does to most top guys and win a decision. But if Koscheck feels a need to win impressively and stands infront of Nick allowing Nick to do what he wants and is best at – which is brawling with guys then I like his chances.

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