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Cain Velasquez Shakes Off Question Concerning Brown Pride Tattoo; Dana White Goes On Rampage

Former UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez was unprovoked by a question concerning his “Brown Pride” tattoo during a press conference for UFC 155 on Thursday.

UFC president Dana White, however, was not.

“People that have a problem with the ‘Brown Pride’ tattoo are morons,” White said. “It says ‘Brown Pride.’ Big deal (that) the guy is proud to be Mexican.”

White added that when he lived in Boston, “every Italian was running around with something Italian on their body. Every guy who was Irish had some Irish tattoo on him.”

Velasquez just remained in his quiet demeanor and said that his “fighting style just kind of speaks for itself. I’m kind of private in everything else.”

Velasquez will attempt to win back the UFC heavyweight title when he faces Junior dos Santos Saturday night at UFC 155.

  • Neal

    how many of the Italian or Irish guys are anchor babies? Seems like we don’t hear about them being illegal immigrates. The bulk of the illegals are Mexican, so when a Mexican anchor baby who was offered more opportunities than most legal citizens has a brown pride tattoo across his chest people are going to take it as a slap in the face. Have your brown pride in mexico and take all the illegals with you!

    • Ben Rage

      I think what you said is valid to some extent, but you could have said it with class instead of coming across as a racist. Yes, the bulk of illegals are Mexican and it would be preferable if they went through the system legally. But your use of the word anchor baby is offensive, and it really just shows your own fear, insecurity and ignorance.

      On the issue of the tattoo, I do not like it and here’s why. First I would like to say that my father is Mexican and a naturalized citizen, which makes me half Latino. I don’t like the tattoo one bit because of the double standard it represents. These days it’s only okay to have pride of skin color unless you’re a white American. In other words, if someone had a tattoo that said “white pride” he/she would be called out as a racist. But, it’s okay to have a tattoo that says brown pride? There’s nothing wrong with having a certain degree of pride of where you come from, but to display it on your chest is juvenile in my opinion. Anyway, I still don’t hold it against Cain, he’s a great competitor, and he’s free to do what he wants to his body. I was just pointing out that I understand why someone would take issue with the tattoo, still it shouldn’t be blown out of proportion. I’m looking forward to the fight.

      • neal

        I didn’t invent the term anchor baby. Nor am I a racist. I am a patriot. I don’t feel that stating facts makes me racist, ignorant, or classless. If you’re happy stocking your head in the sand because of your fear of not conforming that’s your problem. Unfortunately its the bulk of cowards like you that are giving the country away with both hands to illegal aliens, ungrateful corporations that ship jobs overseas, and presidents that aren’t natural born citizens.

        • Neal

          and don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to say he can’t tattoo whatever he wants on his own skin. I am saying when you are in the public eye and decide to put that across your chest you expect a reaction. I have no problem with legal citizens or any race or nationality. I am not saying the country belongs to one race. I am saying the country belongs to one nationality – AMERICANS! be it natural born or naturalized and america is suffering from illegals.

          • Ben Rage

            You make too many assumptions about me. My head is not in the sand. I agreed with what you said just not how you said it. So because I don’t endorse racist rhetoric, my head is somehow in the sand? Maybe you should reread my comment. For the record, my father and I are both conservative. My father, a naturalized citizen born in Mexico, is also a retired Lt. Colonel who has served in combat 3 times and has a bronze star and is ten times the patriot you or I could ever hope to be. We are both against illegal immigration so I don’t know how you connect the dots of logical that my head is in the sand. You are the type that gives conservatives a bad name and you’re obviously a racist, which isn’t a judgment, just an observation. Too bad you haven’t met enough conservative Latinos, because they do exist in greater numbers than you realize. Maybe your head is in the sand, because the media doesn’t report on the Latino conservative movement. You don’t have to invent a term to use it and believe its obvious negative connotation. And I do not in any way support the empty suit that is our president. I don’t know what you hope to achieve by bringing your anger to an mma comment section, but i suggest that you pray to god, because all things are possible through him. And god created every person who has ever lived for a purpose (including the liberals) even though that purpose isn’t always clear. You should trust that he knows what he’s doing and that he is always in control. .

          • neal

            I find it funny that you make assumption about me and don’t like it when I make them about you. You don’t know anything about me and my history. I made no negative comment about your dad and made none about you till you attacked me. I don’t care if you call yourself liberal or conservative. You’re one of the many that feel the need to throw a racist blanket on a situation you don’t like. I’m not a racist and just because you don’t like my opinion doesn’t make me one. I don’t like people that preach on street corners and its been my experience that most people that do that are trying to hide who they really are. That doesn’t make me an atheists. Illegal aliens come in many races and I didn’t limit it to Mexicans even before you made assumptions and attacked me. I did say that most were Mexican. That’s a fact not an ignorant racist assumption. Again I don’t care if you consider yourself conservative or liberal you are one of the masses with your head in the sand that feels we need to be “politically correct” or we are racists or ignorant. I’m sorry you feel that we all have to be “politically correct” and if not you have the right to attack them and they don’t have the right to return.

          • Ben Rage

            I don’t know why I’m even bothering. The term “anchor baby” is as bad as the word wetback. That’s why I called you a racist. There is no assumption, you said it, you meant it, and that’s the only reason I called you a racist. How you can use the term anchor baby and then say you’re not a racist is a joke. I’m sorry, but you talk big, but say absolutely nothing. Your last post is all over the place, completely unorganized, evasive, irrelevant and doesn’t address any of my points. I guess the conversation is over. You can have the last word, but know that you are talking to air, I will not read it.

          • Logic

            Neal you peckerwood go bang you cousin

  • Gloria Lopez

    Why is his tattoo a big deal. Brown pride, white pride, who cares.. It doesn’t say Brown power right? Mexicans rarely make a big deal about others races.. Because we honestly don’t care.. I’m proud to be Mexican American, doesn’t make me a racist and I don’t get all bent out if shape when I see Irish pride or anything else.. Again, doesn’t say Power behind it so leave that alone.. It’s pathetic and is not relevant to the fact that he kicked Dos Santos ass.

  • Vallie Atkinson

    Lets see how it goes over if a white fighter enters the ring with a “White Pride” tattoo, and says he is just simply proud of his European heritage.

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