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UFC 155 Results And Recap

In the main event, Junior Dos Santos and Cain Velasquez face off for the heavyweight title.

In the co-main, Jim Miller looks to get back to his winning ways, but he first must beat Joe Lauzon.

Middleweights Tim Boetsch and Costa Philippou look to do battle.

Alan Belcher aims to keep his winning streak alive against Yushin Okami.

Chris Leben gets back to action against Derek Brunson.

Chris Leben vs. Derek Brunson:

Round 1.

Brunson came out and engaged with kicks, but he quickly moved Leben to his back. The two locked up on the ground for a while which led to Derek moving to mount followed by side control. Leben moved to get to his feet, but Derek’s attack was relentless. After more shots were exchanged, Leben finally regained his feet with about 15 seconds to go. In a very defense heavy round, MMAConvert scores the round 10-9 Brunson.

Round 2.

The second round began with Derek throwing out a few leg kicks. Derek clinched Leben with double under-hooks and landed two smashing knees into Chris’ rib cage. Derek puled off a fantastic slam and put Leben’s back on the mat. Despite Leben’s mostly ineffective striking, Derek began to look rather gassed, and began to hold Leben against the cage. Both men threw sloppy punches, but it ended in Leben being held against the cage. After Leben broke the clinch, time was out. MMAConvert score 10-9 Brunson

Round 3.

Leben changed his pace, and he came out swinging at the start of round 3. Derek waded through Leben’s offense and scored yet another take down. Leben regained his feet and stepped forward with a few punches, but nothing major landed. At this point both fighters had become very exhausted, and they both had nearly thrown all technique out the window. With 53 seconds, Leben landed his first big punch, but Brunson wisely stepped to the side and got a take down. Leben stood, but time ran out. MMAConvert Score 10-9 Brunson

D. Brunson def. C. Leben via Decision (Unanimous) (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)


This was Derek Brunson’s first fight, and he won, but it wasn’t a real great one to watch. Neither fighter, but especially Leben, seemed uninterested in the fight, and it showed, as Leben had almost no significant offense.

Alan Belcher vs. Yushin Okami:

Round 1.

Alan came out and threw a head kick, and it landed, but it didn’t do too much. Okami caught a head kick and sent a punch right down the pipe causing Belcher to fall, but he got his feet back under him immediately. Belcher grabbed Okami’s neck and went for a choke, but Okami made his way out of harm’s way and actually got on top of Belcher and began to land some shots on Belcher. Okami swung out to side control and began to put all his weight on an already gasping Alan Belcher.  The round ended as both men made their way back to their feet. MMAConvert score 10-9 Okami

Round 2.

Belcher again started with a head kick, but it missed. The two exchanged a punch or two, but Okami took him down. On the way down, Belcher looked to sink in a good choke, but once again Okami pulled out of it. With Okami on top landing effective strikes, Belcher’s cardio begins to show concern, but while in side control the ref stopped and stood the fight up again. Belcher landed a good hook, but Okami closed the gap and clinched up. Okami again got on top and began his grueling pace with a mix of wrestling and striking. They again were stood up, but the round came to a close. MMAconvert Score 10-9 Okami

Round 3.

The third round started with a knock down for Belcher which he desperately needed, and he got into full mount as he took Yushin down, but ultimately Yushin rolled out of it and moved himself into full mount and began to attack Alan with punch after punch Yushin tried to finish, but time expired. MMAConvert score 10-9 Okami

Y. Okami def. A. Belcher via Decision (Unanimous)(30-27, 30-27, 29-28)


Okami easily took this one, but both men seemed to look hesitant to fully engage. Okami got another win and managed to maintain his elite status as a UFC middleweight.

Tim Boetsch vs. Costa Philippou:

Round 1.

Tim came out and put Philippou against the cage and pulled him down, but Philippou got back to his feet. Both men danced around for a while, and Tim broke the silence by landing an upper-cut and taking Costa to his back. The round ended with Philippou landing several solid punches on Tim, but Tim returned fire and landed a solid head kick which knocked Costa down, but time expired as he pounced on Costa. MMAConvert Score 10-9 Philippou

Round 2.

Tim suffered some type of injury during the first round as noted by Joe Rogan in between rounds, but it was unclear exactly what happened. Tim’s forehead was cut open just as the second round started, but the pace slowed almost immediately. Costa accidentally poked Tim in the eye, and the doctor was called in to look at it, and the fight continued. Costa took Tim down and began to land a few shots from the top which opened another cut on Tim’s cheek. The round closed with Philippou on top beating Tim badly. MMAConvert Score 10-9 Philippou

Round 3.

Boetsch engaged first, but Costa took him right back down and landed a shot that opened Tim’s face badly. Tim laid mostly defenseless, and the fight was stopped as a bloodied Tim Boetsch lay on the mat.

C. Philppou def. T. Boetsch via TKO (Strikes)  at 2:11 of round 3


Phillipou took home a very commanding victory. Phillipou moves to 3-0 in 2012, and he looks to make a splash at 185 in 2013.

Jim Miller vs. Joe Lauzon:

Round 1.

Jim Miller came out strong and began throwing power shots, but none landed with too much power. Jim then opened up and began to tee off on Lauzon and moved him backwards. Jim threw relentless elbows at Joe, and this opened up a nasty cut on Joe’s face, and the doc stepped in, but he let the fight go on. Lauzon, knowing he’d been hurt, turned the heat on and landed a few knees to Miller’s body and chin. The round ended as Joe threw a flying knee. MMAConvert Score 10-9 Miller

Round 2.

The action started right where it left off as Lauzon and Miller threw strikes back and forth at each other. Joe’s cuts reopened immediately, and blood poured out on to the mat, as they went to the ground with Miller on top in half guard. Joe rolled out and pushed a seated Miller into the cage. The fight was stopped to cut tape off of Joe’s glove, and action resumed with Joe on top of Miller. Joe tied Miller up and attempted a Rampage style slam, but he couldn’t muster the strength. The round ended with Joe going for a knee bar, but Miller was too slick due to all of Joe’s blood that had poured all over the mat. MMAConvert Score 10-9 Miller

Round 3.

The final round started with Miller knocking Joe down with a great inside leg kick. Joe got back up and had to take a deep breath. After two crazy rounds both guys were tired and slowed a little, but both kept the action going. Miller used a Thai clinch to land a few knees in Joe’s stomach. The action continued, as both guys attacked with alternating punches knees and elbows. With 1:30 to go, both men’s pace slowed to a crawl, but Miller kept the heat on as best he could, and Joe didn’t give up either. A great fight ended with Joe going for a choke, but time ran out on what looked like a solid hold. MMAConvert score 10-9 Miller.

J. Miller def. J. Lauzon via Decision (Unanimous) (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)


So far, this has my vote for fight of the night. Both guys gave it all and went to war. This the bloodiest fight I’ve seen all year and possibly one of the best.

Junior Dos Santos vs. Cain Velasquez:

Round 1.

Cain came out with anger and attacked Junior with rapid hard punches. Cain was effectively moving Junior back until Junior tagged Cain and slowed his attack. Both men had a violent fast pace, and Cain was coming up on top during most exchanges.  Cain damaged Junior with a brutal left which crumpled Junior and the fight was nearly stopped, but some how Junior managed to stay alive and survived the round. MMAConvert Score 10-8 Velasquez

Round 2.

Cain again took Junior down and man-handled him by holding him down and controlling his body. They got up and Junior was slung to the ground like a rag doll while Cain controlled the fight’s pace and took an even more commanding lead on the cards. Junior was being mercilessly beaten as the round came to a close, it was all Cain in round 2. MMAConvert Score 10-8 Velasquez

Round 3.

Junior at least threw a punch at the round’s start, but Cain cut the distance and wrapped Junior up and began to work his body. Cain was just dominating Junior on every level. Junior landed almost no significant strikes, and Cain looked great while Junior was clearly tired. The round wasn’t even close. MMAConvert Score 10-8 Velasquez

Round 4.

Cain began to start working leg kicks as soon as the round began, and Junior returned with some hard body punches. Cain scored a take down, as Junior seemed unable to defend even the most elementary of attempts. Junior dis appear to get a second wind and mount a reasonable offense, but Cain took the fight to the ground again. After they got back to their feet, Cain began to tee off on Junior again, but Junior was able to land a good elbow which kept Cain at bay. With a minute to go both men were just punching without any steam behind them. That was the most competitive round thus far. MMAConvert Score 10-9 Velasquez

Round 5.

Junior had lost every round up the the start of the fifth round, but that didn’t seem to make him come out any faster or any more aggressive. Cain slowed his pace and seemed to be content with a decision as he stayed away from Junior. Junior was clearly lacking the desire he needed to take control of the fight. Junior was taken down around the 2:10 mark and Cain began to tee of yet again, and he took Junior’s back and began to smother Junior’s hopes of holding on to his title. Cain ended with a kick to Juniors chin for good measure, and the fight came to a close. MMAConvert score 10-9 Velasquez.

C. Velasquez def. J. Dos Santos via Decision (Unanimous)  (50-45, 50-43, 50-44)


Wow! I was wrong; I expected to see Junior out strike Cain and hold on to his belt, but Cain had different ideas. This was perhaps the most one-sided fight I’ve ever seen. It was a beat down.


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