Cain Velasquez To His Wife After UFC 155: ‘Baby, I Got Your Christmas Present’

Cain Velasquez became the new UFC heavyweight champion Saturday night, taking the belt back from the man who defeated him for it in 2011.

Velasquez used his wrestling, and a series of heavy-handed punches in the first round, to decimate Junior dos Santos at UFC 155.

“Baby, I got your Christmas present right here,” said Velasquez, pointing to the UFC heavyweight title around his waist while talking to his wife through the camera.

Velasquez (11-1) landed 11 takedowns and converted on 210 of 339 strikes thrown in the fight. In the first five minutes alone, Velasquez landed 64 strikes.

“I just wanted to keep the pace, a strong pace, and pressure on top,” Velasquez said. “I wanted to come in lighter and faster, and I wanted to be in good shape, able to move in any angle.”

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