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Jose Aldo Should Have Been Stripped Of His Title

UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo has softened his stance on fighting potential number-one contender Anthony “Showtime” Pettis. It was first announced earlier this month that Aldo would be defending his title against Pettis on August 3. Then Aldo and his camp changed their tune and voiced their refusal to face Pettis, stating that he didn’t deserve the title shot and that they’d rather face a more deserving challenger. However, it has just been announced by Dana White that Aldo has finally agreed to face Pettis and it will in fact be for the title. As much as I am a fan of Aldo’s, I honestly cannot agree with this back-and-forth decision making. I understand his hesitation, but in all honesty, if I was White, I would’ve stripped Aldo of the title on the second hurdle Aldo propped up (the acceptance of a non-title bout). I would’ve at least given him two strikes.

One of the pros of having so much talent under one roof is that it eliminates these kinds of scenarios from happening. This is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, issue boxing has at the moment. Certain boxers, who will remain nameless, are refusing to face one another, mainly due to having different promoters and thus making negotiations on co-promoting or provision of services a mind-numbing headache. Many times, all terms cannot be agreed upon and fans are left feeling ripped off when the fight everyone wants to see becomes the latest addition to the “fights that never happened” list.

It’s for this reason I believe Carlos Condit should’ve been stripped of his interim title, as well as Renan Barao. Both fighters stood their ground and refused to defend their interim titles until the legitimate champion returned, which frankly defeats the purpose of having an interim champion to begin with. Luckily for us, Georges St. Pierre made his return soon after and Barao was persuaded to face Michael McDonald. But my point is they’re champions, and when their promoter seeks out a challenger for their title, they should never refuse that bout, especially when there is more than a sufficient amount of time for preparation.

What good is having all this talent under one roof, the likes of which is unprecedented in the sport, if these fights still don’t take place? It is in these times that the promoter should take charge and make the executive decision to force the fight to happen. Thankfully, Aldo agreed to accept this fight and defend his title also. All is well in the UFC featherweight division for now and we can all sleep at night knowing this bout will happen. But if White comes across this issue again in the future, punishment should be swift and merciless.

  • Geli

    Jose Aldo should have been stripped of his title. That is one of the dumbest things I have ever read in my whole life. Yeah strip your current champion and one of your top pound for pound fighters of their belt because they are reluctant to take a fight. That sounds like an awesome business and sporting decision. I can’t believe you don’t work for the UFC with such amazing logic and reasoning. What planet are you from dude?

  • bulls

    one of the dumbest thing i heard, stripping Aldo of the title; then dana should have stripped Jones of the title also for refusing to fight Lyoto and Sonnen before .

    what dana should be doing is respecting the ranking that HE commissioned to have. If Pettis wants to fight Aldo, He should get in line, have a fight or two in the division.

  • Morten Kaae

    I totally agree with you. Not with the stripping of titles but champions fighting who ever the promotion requests. I know there are a lot of upset fanboys out there who thinks Pettis is dropping in line. But lets look at Aldos most recognizable challenger apart from Frankie Edgar. That pay per view did rougly 220.000 buys. If you want to promote a division which is struggling to draw as a main event, you put on exciting fights, its that simple. Aldo vs.Lamas/Swanson or Aldo vs. Pettis who do you think will be the biggest draw/most exciting fight? From a business standpoint it is pure logic

    Byt the way an awesome article, Miguel. Even though I dont agree its an interesting debate to have

  • filparangole

    Wow this article is terrible. And misleading. Strip Aldo of his title? And how does Barao get into the same type of discussion? He just defended his interim belt! I never saw any news of him refusing fights. Appears the writer of the article is rather short-fused. Weird stuff!

  • Patrick Hunt

    I can agree with stripping Aldo of the title if he didn’t eventually agree to the fight, but not now. I think the sport is still in its early stages where it is a balancing act between what fighters can get away with and what promotions can get away with. Aldo and the other champs are big money for the UFC, so they don’t want to just piss them off outright. But at the same time, the UFC is the largest MMA promotion in the world currently, so fighters don’t want to be too much on Dana’s bad side either.

    I don’t know if it’s possible right now, but what I’d like to see in the future is a clause in fighters’ contracts saying that they are required to fight anyone the UFC matchmakers decide (within reasonable limits) or they are in breach of contract. Reasonable limits would be things such as a reasonable amount of notice (at least 1 month, I think) of who they will be fighting, plus the obvious things like they can’t force a fighter to fight out of his chosen weight class or force him to change weight classes.

    If they are a champion or interim champion and breach their contract, they lose their belt. I think if the UFC got these provisions put in contracts, they would have to give something up (like allowing fighters to unionize, which I know White will never allow) so I’m not holding out hope, but that’s how I think it should be.

  • robthom

    “but in all honesty, if I was White, I would’ve stripped Aldo of the title on the second hurdle”


    You’d be an even bigger shlub of a boss then dana white

    You probably shouldn’t manage a macdonalds

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