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Dana White Sickened By ‘L’ On Jon Jones’ Record

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones – as far as many people are concerned – is unbeaten in his MMA career.

However, if you look up his official record, you will see a mark in the loss column. That’s because Jones was disqualified for illegal elbows in a bout with Matt Hamill a few years back.

Jones was in control of the action, taking Hamill down before landing what the referee ruled to be “12-to-6″ elbow strikes. Steve Mazzagatti was in control, and disqualified Jones.

“He’s a young kid and if he goes to 30 years old, he could be 35-0 and it makes me sick that he has that ‘one’ on his record,” said White, during a Q&A session that attended. “Jon Jones is undefeated. That ‘one’ that is on his record is because of a moronic referee who had no idea what he was doing.”

Jones will be attempting to make history this weekend when he faces Chael Sonnen, as a victory would tie Tito Ortiz for most successful defenses of the 205-pound belt.

  • Kevo

    Can someone please tell me who the hell Mark Hamill is?

    • Peter V

      Mark Hamill is the guy who played Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars movies….it should be MATT Hamill. Mistake by the author.

  • Retnan

    Stupid athletic commissions need to learn how to overturn shit like that.

  • Joe

    If he didn’t want to be disqualified, he shouldn’t have thrown an illegal strike. These guys know the rules, and it wasn’t accidental. It was an intentional illegal strike that did damage. The ref was right on, and more people should get disqualified for it. Dana is just mad that he cant hype Jones as an undefeated champ. Jones has straddled the line between legal and illegal strikes his whole career. If you’re going to play the game, you have to be prepared to be disqualified for it. Good for Mazagatti for having the balls to actually DQ somebody.
    And why should the athletic commission overturn things like this? Go ahead and give them that power. It won’t be long before they make a decision you don’t like. Then you’ll be complaining about them and talking about how they shouldn’t have the power to overturn every fight. It’s not the athletic commission’s job to get involved with fight results. They’re just there to ensure that the fights take place in a safe, legal, and regulated environment. You cant just erase the scores and pencil in new scores so your guy wins. Life doesn’t work like that.

    • Retnan

      You don’t know what you are talking about. Hamil could not continue because he injured HIS SHOULDER. The ref was unable to communicate with the deaf Hamil and failed to call over his interpretor.

      Jones illegal strikes (that shouldn’t have been illegal because despite your preaching, downward elbows are not more dangerous than other strikes, ignorant boxing commissioners banned them a long time ago cause they got scared when they saw some guy break boards with his elbow, but that’s another issue) did not cause the damage to the SHOULDER that led to Hamil being unable to continue.

      This was a mistake by the Ref, the correct result is Jones by TKO. It’s absurd that this fight has not been made a no contest. Jones IS undefeated.

      • Drewdown

        Right on da money wit dat 1,i was about 2 comment on dat guy Joe statement above but saw urs,thanx for ur response i couldn’t hve said it any better.

        • Joe

          English, motherfucker. Do you speak it?

          • Philip J. Fry

            You’re still wrong.

      • Joe

        Can’t you read? I never said that 12 – 6 elbows were more dangerous. I only said they were illegal (which they are). I actually agree with you that 12 – 6 elbows SHOULD NOT be illegal. And you’re right about the misinformed commissioners. But the rules are the rules. Jones broke those rules. It’s irrelevant that Hamil’s shoulder was hurt. What does Hamil’s injury have to do with Jones throwing an illegal strike? It doesn’t matter if both of Hamil’s arms were broken. Jones threw an illegal strike before the fight was stopped due to Hamil’s injury. Had Jones waited another 10 seconds, he would have won by TKO. But he didn’t. He threw an illegal strike before the fight was stopped.
        You are the one who doesn’t know what he’s talking about. You can’t ignore the rules just because you don’t like them. I’d like to see that stupid rule overturned as much as you. But until that happens, fighters need to obey it. And Jones didn’t. So he got disqualified. If he was more disciplined, this wouldn’t have happened. Cry about it all you want. It was the right call.

  • Drewdown

    Jones should be undefeated because he was simply beating Hamill’s ass frm start 2 almost finishing Mat but da ref saw somethen different to what i’ll never know,but clearly i had Jones dominating the whole fight hands down.

    • Joe

      Jones was dominating the fight. And maybe he wouldn’t have been disqualified if he didn’t throw an illegal strike. How are you going to dominate Hamil and then just throw the win away like that? Kinda stupid by Jones if you ask me. He didn’t even need to throw an illegal strike. Hamil was done.

      • Oz

        The ref stopped the fight because he asked Hamill if he could continue (news flash, he’s deaf) and how about that…he didn’t respond, and he couldn’t see him to read his lips because of the blood in his eyes. Hamill assumed the fight was stopped by TKO until he was notified otherwise.

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