Dana White Knows The UFC Can Make It Without Him

Dana White knows he’s only getting older, and the fighters he started with are falling off and retiring on a near daily basis. White is glad to see the new guys coming in, but he knows his days are numbered, and he knows The UFC will be around with or without him.

  • robthom

    Dana did what he set out to do.

    His devotion to MMA and UFC was powerful enough to overcome his faults and got it here.

    But now that UFC/MMA has kind of “arrived”,
    his faults have moved to the forefront.

    Its going to be a terribly important and delicate job to find someone to replace him.

    Its wont be the Fertittas and joe silva isn’t even good at matchmaking.

    It has to be someone who is business savvy,
    but loves the sport enough to not just run it into the ground for a few more bucks like a middle-management shlub.

    But dana’s done everything he was capable off.
    And did a good job.

    He moved a mountain.

    He got it here,
    but now that its here its becoming larger then him and he’s just hanging around.

    He should take a cue from the smarter fighters he has worked with and walk away before he hangs around too long.

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