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Chael Sonnen Shows His Poetic Side In Regards To Wanderlei Silva

Chael Sonnen Shows His Poetic Side In Regards To Wanderlei Silva

Chael Sonnen, the poet?

Well, the former No. 1 contender decided to show that side of himself on Twitter recently in regards to his rival, Wanderlei Silva.

Sonnen and Silva have gone back-and-forth for quite some time now, and the two even came face-to-face at a recent public event.

Check out a sampling of Sonnen’s poetry directed towards Silva that he posted on the social media site:

Chael thinks
Anderson sinks
Wandy stinks

Mayhem’s inna clink
Tito’s onna brink
There’s dishes inna sink

My wife’s wrapped in Minks
I’m agile as a Lynx
I iron out the kinks
and everybody thinks
Wanderlei stinks

Yer nuts start to shrink
When you gotta sign in ink
to fight Chael, so I think
That Wanderlei STINKS

The Kings skate at the rink
The Mod Squad had “Linc”
Rogan likes Pink

Red is the rose
And Tebow throws
but everyone knows

Dark is the night
And mean dogs bite
And wind moves kites

I hit like a truck
I got the ladies and the bucks
My middle name is bad luck
And Wanderlei sucks

Cubans To smoke
My opponents all croak
Like a bike w/no spokes

Trains arrive late
And haters gonna hate
When he’s gone inside the gate
Wanderlei’s record… 3 & 8

I can write a million rhymes
I got a lot of time
The reason you didn’t sign
I woulda made you three and NINE

Sandra Bullock’s scared in space
You could hear her heart race
Fear’s not hard to trace

I got instinct
You’ll miss the fight if you blink
My bones are made of zinc
My blood is made of ink
And everybody thinks
Wanderlei stinks

The fifth dwarf was Sneezy
And Velveeta’s kinda cheesy
And Fiji’s kinda breezy
Beatin’ Wanderlei’s EASY

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