Roy Jones Jr. Speaks out on Anderson Silva FightJust for a quick back story, Anderson Silva, who is largely considered the top pound-for-pound mixed martial artist in the world, stated publicly through his manager, Ed Soares, that he would like fight Roy Jones Jr. in a boxing match. Roy responds favorably to the idea. The two sides start to talk. Dana White steps in and nixes the idea. Silva, under Zuffa contract, is prevented to fight in any combat sport outside the UFC without the consent of Zuffa. That leads us to now.

Jones appeared on Sherdog’s Beatdown Radio yesterday for a rather interesting interview about his thoughts on the potential boxing match between him and Silva. Here are some of the highlights.

On the status of the fight

It’s dead as far as the UFC goes. However, Anderson Silva could do things that would probably make a way for it to happen, if he decided this is what he wanted to sacrifice and do. But I wouldn’t want to him to quit the UFC to come fight me because I think they’re doing a good job of building up the UFC and I hate that Dana White acts the way he acts and won’t give the man an opportunity.

Anderson Silva wouldn’t follow in Couture’s footsteps to make a fight he wants that won’t happen in the UFC, would he? Probably not, but looking at the factors involved, it may not be the worst thing for his career. Money shouldn’t be an issue. He would most likely make more money off the boxing match than he would in his next three fights inside the Octagon. Who’s really left in the UFC that presents a challenge to Anderson at middleweight? He smoked Rich Franklin twice, took out Dan Henderson much easier than most imagined, and basically cleared out the rest of the division. Besides a rematch with Yushin Okami, what else does he really have to prove in the UFC’s middleweight division? His biggest challenges in the UFC will come from other weight divisions, like a match against Georges St. Pierre. But that would be a long way off. Many feel the only middleweight left who has a chance is Matt Lindland. If he were to split with the UFC, that fight could become a reality.

It will be interesting to see if and how Silva challenges Zuffa on this issue.

On Silva’s being a long, lengthy southpaw

It’s definitely the most difficult opponent you want to see, a long lengthy southpaw, as a boxer. So the boy would actually have a good chance in the fight because he’s the worst nightmare for a fighter like a Roy Jones Jr.…He has everything going his way as far as making it a decent fight.

Is Jones just trying to build some hype for this fight? Or does he think Anderson actually has a chance to beat him? I don’t know, but he’s starting to make me want to see it.

On Jones fighting in MMA

No…because in mixed martial arts, boxing is one the things he has to study, so he has to have his feet wet in boxing anyway. Me, in boxing, I don’t have my feet wet at all in mixed martial arts, so I don’t have a clue when I get to the ground of what’s gonna happen, if he can get me to the ground.

I would have to agree with Jones here. I don’t blame him for not wanting to fight an MMA bout against Anderson. Silva would probably do a lot better in a boxing match against Jones than Jones would do in a MMA bout against Silva. If Jones had been the one who instigated this whole scenario, then I would say otherwise, but Silva came to him.

On Dana White stepping in

I would have allowed the UFC to be a part of this. They could have came in though. We could have worked something out where it would have been good for both sides. But they don’t want to do nothing at all…Roy Jones Jr. vs. Anderson Silva in a boxing match is an event. It’s bigger than MMA and boxing by themselves because it bring two different genres together…

Jones goes on to say that people he wouldn’t expect are approaching him, asking if he’s going to box Anderson Silva, and he throws one last jab out at the UFC president:

It’s a big event that Dana White is cheating the world out of.

Get in line, Roy. Randy Couture is already at the head of it.

It was a really interesting interview from the prospective of a boxing superstar who lives in a world where the fighter holds the higher power, not the promoter. You should definitely check it out over at