Sean Sherk To Submit Extra Drug Tests For UFC 84Sean Sherk, who was found to have performance enhancing agents (Nandrolone) in his body after his UFC 73 title defense against Hermes Franca, will be required to submit an extra drug test to the NSAC a month prior to his fight with BJ Penn at UFC 84 on May 24. has the story.

Sherk adamantly denied that he ever took steroids following the positive test for Nandrolone in July of last year. He admittedly spent upwards of $20,000 in legal fees to contest the CSAC‘s ruling to suspend him for 12 months and to prove his innocence. Although his attorney, Howard Jacobs, presented evidence of tainted supplements among other things to the commission, the CSAC ultimately decided Sherk was guilty of using a performance enhancing drug, but reduced his suspension to six months.

The tainted supplement defense sparked a debate within the MMA community as to whether or not it could be a plausible excuse for testing positive for steroids. The NSAC apparently doesn’t consider it to be a viable defense and had this for Sherk:

“Mr. Sherk, do you understand that the NSAC will hold you responsible for anything that comes up positive in your test, irrespective of your knowingly taking a certain steroid?”

“Yes I understand that I am responsible for anything that goes into my body.” Sherk answered.

I have to agree with the NSAC. You can’t just let an athlete off the hook because they claim they took a dirty supplement. There’s no way to 100% prove that is what triggered the positive test.

During the week of April 21, Sherk will be required to show up for the additional testing to ensure he hasn’t “cycled” off in time to pass the test at fight time.

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