Bob Meyrowitz’s YAMMA FailsYAMMA Pit Fighting held its first event on Friday evening. YAMMA is the product of Bob Meyrowitz, the original owner of the UFC. He’s the guy who marketed the sport in its early days as a blood sport, only encouraging the stereotypes that MMA is still trying to overcome today. Meyrowitz has decided that type of marketing can be successful once again, this time with YAMMA Pit Fighting. In yet another way to differentiate himself from the UFCs and EliteXCs of the world, Meyrowitz and his team devised a new fighting surface which he claims will be “revolutionary” for MMA.

The YAMMA, as he calls it, is supposed to keep the action moving and prevent a fighter from holding his opponent up against the cage for long periods of time. So what exactly is it then? It turns out to be a ramp that encircles the entire inside of the cage, much like Chuck Norris’ World Combat League ring, minus the fence. Was the action non-stop because of the ‘revolutionary’ fighting surface? No. It actually did the opposite. The wrestlers used the ‘warning track,’ as the commentators called it, to their advantage to get easier takedowns. Due to the event being a one-night, eight-man heavyweight tournament, the fighters scoring the takedowns just rode out the rounds on top to conserve energy and score the easy win.

I honestly don’t have anything positive to say about this event. I found it painful to watch and there are about a thousand reasons why YAMMA was a failure. Check out Leland Rolling’s take on the “abysmal” event at