Randy Couture ImageThere’s been no shortage of Randy Couture news to talk about lately. He’s doing more interviews that I can keep track of, starring in a slew of soon-to-be-released movies, opening more gyms, fighting a legal battle with Zuffa, and well, I guess training too.

Randy Joining WAMMA Advisory Board

Ariel Helwani has yet another interview up at MMARated.com, this one with man-of-the-hour Randy Couture. There really isn’t much new here that Randy hasn’t already said a million times now, but he did talk a little bit about his new role with WAMMA:

”It looks like I am going to be on the advisory board for WAMMA. We’re hoping to have our first big meeting this summer – a summit if you will. A lot of the things that were on WAMMA’s agenda were the things that I have been talking about for the nine months that all this stuff with the UFC has been going on. First and foremost, I think that some healthcare, or potential healthcare, for the fighters as a collective group is important … An independent ranking structure is another thing WAMMA has talked about … Come up with somebody to create rankings for the fighters and then loosen up the exclusivity and the contracts so those ranked fighters could compete against each other and maintain the integrity of the sport that we fought so long and hard for you.”

Randy was an ambassador for the UFC in previous years, helping the organization get sanctioned with the various states’ athletic commissions. It appears Randy wants to continue to help foster the growth of the sport and promote better treatment of its fighters. Having Randy onboard will certainly help build WAMMA’s credibility.

Couture Using UFC 83 Picks To Draw In More Video Subscribers

Ever since Couture resigned from the UFC, he has come under fire for not honoring his contract with the UFC. Many fans and members of the media felt he was ‘doing it for the money.’ I’ve never necessarily felt that way about the whole situation, mainly because of how restrictive and one-sided Zuffa contracts are. That being said, with his newest venture, I have to ask, “What the hell, Randy?”

Couture’s fight picks are infamous, mainly because he’s usually right, even picking some of 2007’s biggest upsets. It looks like he’s now exclusively
announcing his picks in the members-only, video on demand section of XtremeCouture.tv.

This might be just a little bit too Xtreme.

Dana More Involved In Talent Relations

Apparently, Dana White has become more active in the UFC’s talent negotiations as a result of the Randy Couture resignation. Adam Swift of MMAPayout.com has the details:

This new proactive approach is believed to be the result of Couture’s resignation. White has both publicly and privately expressed his belief that the Couture situation was something of a wakeup call that the communication between the UFC, and himself in particular, and its fighters, and by extension their managers and agents, wasn’t what it needed to be.

The impact of Randy’s resignation continues.