Sean Sherk Pays Fine; Suspension OverDespite being eligible for reinstatement and after serving a six-month suspension for testing positive for performance enhancing drugs in January, Sean Sherk filled his final obligation to the CSAC yesterday by paying an outstanding $2500 fine, according to Now released from his suspension, Sherk is free and clear to face UFC Lightweight Champion BJ Penn on May 24 at UFC 84: Ill Will.

Sherk has been outspoken about his feelings on the CSAC. Following his appeal ruling, Sherk claimed he would never fight in California again:

“Absolutely not. It won’t even be offered to me. The way (the CSAC does) stuff is very biased. They don’t have rules; they don’t have regulations … they make stuff up as they go.

“There needs to be some kind of regulation. They want to follow WADA when it benefits them; they want to change things when it benefits them. Nobody overlooks them. There’s got to be some sort of backlash to everything that’s happened in the last five months.”

Despite maintaining his innocence throughout the whole ordeal, he was stripped of his title and his reputation has suffered. Sherk still claims he is the real lightweight champion, while Penn has suggested that Sherk was the owner of the ‘steroid championship.’ The scandal has fostered a genuine dislike (putting it nicely) between the two fighters. They will have their chance to prove who the real champion is on May 24 in Las Vegas. Expect fireworks.