Matt Hughes On The UFC 83 Main EventCome Saturday night, when Georges St. Pierre and Matt Serra square off in the Octagon for the UFC Welterweight Championship, Matt Hughes, who has a past with both fighters, tells the Canadian Press he will be pulling for GSP to win. Why? Because he wants his shot at Matt Serra, the shot he was supposed to get last December.

“If GSP wins and Matt Serra loses, I’ve already asked the UFC if I could fight Serra. I just think him and I have some unfinished business so to speak with the reality show (“The Ultimate Fighter”). That’s what I’ve asked for and kind of hoping for.”

Hughes and Serra were originally scheduled to fight at the end of last year as headliners for UFC 79. Their bad blood was hyped throughout season 6 of The Ultimate Fighter, where they served as coaches. It was obvious the two don’t like each other, which set the stage for a huge showdown to cap off a successful 2007 for the UFC. Unfortunately, a little over a month before the fight, Serra was forced to pull out due to a back injury.

GSP stepped in and dominated Matt Hughes, securing for himself the next crack at the UFC Welterweight Champion. GSP’s time has come and he will look to avenge the huge upset loss he suffered last April at the hands fists of Matt Serra, this Saturday night in Montreal.

If Serra isn’t able to “shock the world” a second time, it’s a no-brainer to schedule him and Hughes for a fight both the fighters and the fans are waiting to see. Oh, and I almost forgot, Hughes’s wife can’t wait either.

“My wife wants me to fight Matt Serra just as much as I do. What she says is when I fight Serra, she wants blood. And my wife knows I can do it. So that’s probably what’s going to happen.”

Well, I guess Matt doesn’t make her read the Bible with him.