Dana WhiteDana White made the interview rounds in Canada yesterday. Here’s two more.

Rough One For Dana On TSN

If you happened to see Dana on Drive This! yesterday, he got his chance to speak freely about a lot of things. That wasn’t quite the case in his appearance on Off The Record with Michael Landsberg on TSN. In the second segment (let the video continue to play through the commercials), a guest panel joins Landsberg and White. Fairly heated debates about competition, Kimbo Slice and more ensue that has Dana on the defensive for much of the segment.

UFC On Network Television In Six Months?

In this interview, Dana White claims the UFC will be on network television in the next six months. But if everything that came out of Dana’s mouth were true, PRIDE would still be alive, the UFC would be on HBO, and every UFC card would be like a Super Bowl. However, I believe this has a good chance to come to fruition, if EliteXC pulls solid numbers on CBS. The other networks are going to want to compete, and the UFC will be in a much better negotiating position if a relatively unknown promotion proves to be a big draw on a national stage.

We will see. Here’s the interview.